Sports Breakfast By: Rayne, Natalie, nick, levi

Benefits of Diversity

Diversity can be a hard topic to discuss because it sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable, anxious, or even awkward. It’s important, though, that we break out of that shell and learn to talk about diversity because celebrating our differences is an essential part of life. Although diversity is a wonderful thing, it can sometimes be difficult for people to express and listen to others with very different viewpoints. Conflicts can sometimes arise, but if we remain respectful of others and don’t buy into stereotypes or make assumptions about them we can engage in important discussions and learn how to function better as a group.churches, universities, workplaces, and community organizations welcome many different types of people.

Our Event

We think that getting a group of different people together that share a common interest or thread is a great way to help culturally-diverse people connect. We focused on athletes, and plan to bring football and soccer players together to enjoy a delicious breakfast and play Kahoot trivia! Soccer and football are very different sports, and are popular in different parts of the world, so football and soccer players don't often spend time together. This event aims to change that by bringing people together around something that almost everyone can agree on: delicious food and a fun game. We believe that many of the athletes will leave our event with new friends and a new appreciation of athletes in other sports.

Differences between Football and Soccer

Though football and soccer are both sports, they are played with different equipment and have entirely different rules. notes that soccer, which is also known as "football" in many countries across the globe, is the world's most popular sport and is played by over 250 million people in 200 different countries. It is especially popular in South America, Mexico, and many European countries. states that "American" football is primarily played in the United States, but leagues have formed in 79 other countries including China and Germany. Football is played with an oval-shaped ball that is thrown around; players use their hands to catch and throw the ball as they try to get it across their goal line and score. Soccer is played with a round ball; players kick and use everything nearly everything but their hands to try and get the ball in their goal. Both sports are played on fields and need two teams, but the fields are very different: according to, football fields are 120 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide, and soccer fields are 100 yards long and 60 yards wide.

Challenges of Our Event

We have many challenges to overcome before our event can be held. First, we must locate a venue that is available to host our event and raise money to rent it. Then, we will need to plan the menu and raise money to purchase food and supplies. We will then need to prepare the food. Finally, we must find ways to get the word out to soccer and football players to invite them to come out and socialize. We will need to organize the Kahoot game/teams, and arrange the seating so that every table has both football and soccer players sitting at it.

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