Scenes of Summer a glimpse of the summer experience at indiana university

Members of a band rest between songs. The five-person band performed in front of a small crowd of old and young people alike. They were featured in the People's Park Concert Series, a free outdoor music series that takes place every Tuesday. Photo by Chloe Sun.
An artist positioned in front of a band playing at People's Park paints the scene before him. When finished, he gave it to the band playing, leaving them to gather around and admire it. Photo by Chloe Sun.
A local artist sketches Showalter Fountain under the shade of a nearby tree offering respite from the heat. He sat adjacent to three other artists positioned on different sides of the fountain. The fountain is frequently splashed in and countless legends circle around the fact that one of the fountain's bronze fish is missing. Photo by Chloe Sun.
In an outdoor band concert at Conrad Prebys Amphitheatre, senior Alexis plays her clarinet. "I really like the repertoire that we play, it’s really fun," she said. "It’s definitely very summery and not something we would normally play during the school year." Photo by Chloe Sun.
A couple enjoys the outdoor band concert amid a sea of other audience members perched on the steps of Conrad Prebys Amphitheater. The amphitheater, a vision of former Indiana University President Herman B. Wells, was completed in October 2016. Photo by Chloe Sun.
A mother cuddles with her son in front of the outdoor band concert. The band was made up of university students studying at the Jacobs School of Music. "It’s so fun, so nice. It’s very interesting and I love it," she said. Photo by Chloe Sun.
A father and his daughter look over the audience side by side at the outdoor band concert. Photo by Chloe Sun.
A young girl rides on her scooter alongside her father, who is on a skateboard. As they rolled along the sidewalk, she tried copying her father's skateboard tricks. Photo by Chloe Sun.
Trailing behind a long train of students and their parents during university orientation, a mother cradles her daughter in the heat. Photo by Chloe Sun.
On one of the many boardwalks around campus, Swengell St. John takes a walk. "I have gone all over the world teaching English at universities, so I can unequivocally state that if you want to experience one of, if not the most beautiful university campus in the world, you just go through the Sample Gates into this university," he said. "It’s absolutely spectacular." Photo by Chloe Sun.

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