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I'm Debbie, your photographer and personal cheerleader! I can't wait to meet you.

I specialise in empowering boudoir and female portrait photography. I'm incredibly passionate about supporting those who identify as women and non-binary babes with their self love journey, and helping them to see their own beauty through my photography sessions.

I'll be there for you from the moment you reach out to me - to help settle your nerves and answer your questions, to help with your outfit and styling choices and to even catch up for a pre-shoot coffee if you want to meet face-to-face. During your session, your comfort is my priority, and I'll make sure we have fun too! By the time you leave you won't even remember having felt nervous about being in front of my camera. In fact, many women who had originally been so out of their comfort zones and struggling with nerves for their shoot left saying they couldn't wait to book in again!


Your personal cheerleader! Scottish. Feminist. Vegetarian. 30-something. Passionate. Instagram-addict. Slytherin. Urban explorer. Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.


If you have any styling questions or would like advice on which outfits to bring, then please get in touch

- bring outfits that make you feel beautiful and relaxed and that you’ll love to see yourself in every time you look at your photographs

- bring a few different options. You’re making an investment with time and money in to your experience, so it’s always good to have choices

- bring extra stockings, tights or fishnets, as you don't want to ruin your look with rips or ladders

- once you’ve tried everything on and are happy everything fits properly, remove all tags and care labels (these can spoil the look of garments if they're sticking out or the material is see-through)

- iron and/or steam any garments as necessary and hang them properly for travelling to the location

- for clothing, as well as bra & knickers, you may also want to consider stockings & garters, fishnet tights, bodysuits, robes, even items of clothing such as a leather jacket, tight t-shirt, soft sweater or knee-high socks

- it’s worthwhile getting fitted for a bra before you go shopping - I highly recommend the online calculator Boob or Bust

- texture is always fabulous; lace, straps, chains, beads and even some sparkle!

- bare feet or stocking always look great, but if you want to wear shoes, high heels are always a good option


I want to ensure you have the most fun and relaxed time possible, as well as creating the most beautiful images of you! You’ll be enjoying these photos for a long time, so it’s worth covering the small details

- spend extra time taking care of your skin - it’s going to be the main feature! Drinks lots of water, avoid alcohol, exfoliate & moisturise

- do NOT use fake tan, self-bronzing creams or any other skin-tone altering products. Your natural skin is beautiful and will photograph much better

- if you wax, make sure this is a few days before your shoot to avoid redness or bumpiness on your skin

- if you regularly dye your hair, make sure the roots are touched up

- make sure your eyebrows are groomed

- don't forget your nails - if you're not having your nails done for the shoot, make sure they're clean and free of chipped nail polish

- get plenty of sleep


- wear loose-fitting, comfortable, easy to remove clothes - skip the bra, socks, watch, belt, tight jeans & anything that can leave an impression on your skin

- drink lots of water (and bring a bottle with you to stay hydrated)

- it’s important to eat before your shoot. Posing will feel like a mini workout (you’ll be holding muscles you normally don’t!) and you’ll need your energy

- moisturise (lots!)

- please arrive with clean, dry hair & a clean, moisturised face for hair and make-up styling

- use clear deodorant

- double-check you’ve packed everything;

  • lingerie/outfits
  • jewellery & any other accessories
  • a bottle of water

- and remember to cut the labels out of your outfits!

Give yourself lots of time to arrive at the location - feeling stressed and rushed won’t make you feel good for your photoshoot.

And relax!



N.B. A non-refundable payment of 50% of the session fee (£150) to be paid at time of booking. The remainder (£150) can be paid at any time but must be at least one week before your session date.

The below is included in your Session Fee payment:

  • your photoshoot with Emerald Photography (up to 2.5 hours)
  • professional styling by a Hair & Make-up Artist
  • a beautiful location for your shoot
  • as many outfit changes as you wish
  • post processing and editing of your digital images
  • access to your private online gallery to view & purchase your images

Images are not included with the Session Fee payment and will be available to purchase separately as detailed below. Images are not available individually and must be purchased as part of one of the below three packages.

Within 3 weeks of your session, you’ll have a beautiful online gallery of photos to enjoy viewing from the comfort of your own home.


Package 1: 4 edited digital image files £200
Package 2: 8 edited digital image files £300
Package 3: ALL edited digital image files (at least 30 images) £450

Your gallery will be available for 1 week for you to choose and purchase which package you would like.

Please let me know if you would like a payment plan and we can set this up.

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Debbie Murray, Emerald Photography