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Hi there!

I'm Debbie, your photographer - I can't wait to work with you!

I specialise in boudoir and female portrait photography. I'm incredibly passionate about supporting those who identify as women with their self love journey, and helping them to see their own beauty through my photography sessions.

I'll be there for you from the moment you reach out to me - to help settle your nerves and answer your questions, to help with your outfit and styling choices and to even catch up for a pre-shoot coffee if you want to meet face-to-face. During your session, your comfort is my priority, and I'll make sure we have fun too! By the time you leave you won't even remember having felt nervous about being in front of my camera. In fact, many women who had originally been so out of their comfort zones and struggling with nerves for their shoot left saying they couldn't wait to book in again!


Scottish. Feminist. Vegetarian. 30-something. Obsessed with colour. Passionate. Addicted to Instagram. Slytherin. Urban explorer. Loves a theme. Will take all the fluffy animals. Loudest laugh ever. Marvel fan. Likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
Rainbows of colour, and strong badass females; Sunshine, saltwater and sand on the seashells; Beautiful landscapes of Scottish surroundings; These are a few of my favourite things!

Getting the best out of your experience

If you have any styling questions or want to ask for advice on which colours to go for, then please get in touch.


- go for outfits that flatter your figure, but make you feel beautiful and relaxed

- make sure you try on all the outfits you’re planning to wear so you know you'll feel good in them

- bring outfits that you know make you feel sexy and confident and that you’ll love to see yourself in every time you look at your photographs

- overpack! Bring a few different outfits. You’re making an investment with time and money in to your experience, so it’s always good to have back-up outfits in case anything goes wrong with your first choice

- bring extra stockings, tights or fishnets, as you don't want to ruin your look with rips or ladders

- once you’ve tried everything on and are happy everything fits properly, remove all tags and care labels (these can spoil the look of garments if they're sticking out or the material is see-through)

- iron and/or steam any garments as necessary and hang them properly for travelling to the location

- for clothing, as well as bra & knickers, you may also want to consider stockings & garters, fishnet tights, bodysuits, robes, even items of clothing such as a leather jacket, tight t-shirt, soft sweater or knee-high socks

- it’s worthwhile getting fitted for a bra before you go shopping

- for timeless images, it’s recommended to go for more solid colours over prints (such as black or jewel tones). Texture is fabulous; lace, straps, chains, beads and even some sparkle!

- bring very high heels! The higher the heel, the more amazing your legs & bum will look!

- go for big statement jewellery pieces (delicate pieces don’t photograph as well)

- if you’re doing your own hair or make-up, bring along what you need so you can touch up the look during the shoot

I want to ensure you have the most fun and relaxed time possible, as well as creating the most beautiful images of you! You’ll be enjoying these photos for a long time, so it’s worth covering the small details.


- spend extra time taking care of your skin - it’s going to be the main feature! Drinks lots of water, avoid alcohol, exfoliate & moisturise

- do NOT use fake tan, self-bronzing creams or any other skin-tone altering products. Your natural skin is beautiful and will photograph much better

- if you wax, make sure this is a few days before your shoot to avoid redness or bumpiness on your skin

- if you regularly dye your hair, make sure the roots are touched up

- make sure your eyebrows are groomed

- don't forget your nails - if you're not having your nails done for the shoot, make sure they're clean and free of chipped nail polish

- try to get good sleep (I know, easier said than done!)


- wear loose-fitting, comfortable, easy to remove clothes - skip the bra, socks, watch, belt, tight jeans & anything that can leave an impression on your skin

- drink lots of water (and bring a bottle with you to stay hydrated)

- it’s important to eat before your shoot. Posing will feel like a mini workout (you’ll be holding muscles you normally don’t!) and you’ll need your energy

- moisturise

- if you’re having your hair & make-up done at the location, please arrive with clean, dry hair & a clean, moisturised face

- use clear deodorant

- double-check you’ve packed everything;

  • lingerie
  • heels
  • jewellery & any other accessories
  • make-up for touch-ups

Give yourself lots of time to arrive at the location - feeling stressed and rushed won’t make you feel good for your photoshoot.

And relax!
Pin-ups and vintage, Old Hollywood glamour; Sequins and satins, and shawls made of faux fur; Bettie-bangs, bullet bras, girdles and stockings; These are a few of my favourite things!

So what exactly are you paying for when you hire a photographer?

Let’s be honest, photography isn’t a necessity - it’s a luxury. A bit like ice cream! If you’re like me, you’ll treat yourself to Ben & Jerrys’ now and again (mmm, cookie dough), but as you don’t have it very often it’s totally worth the cost when you do!

I know you’ve booked me because you value what I do. And I genuinely care about delivering an amazing customer service experience to you. I want you to trust you’re in good hands.

As a professional photographer, this isn’t only my passion; it’s how I make a living. So I need to make sure my business is profitable so I can pay those bills and continue to keep doing what I love.

I also need to invest to run my business. This includes paying for professional insurances; accountant’s fees; website hosting & domain names; banking fees; a gallery hosting site; online storage site; photoshop subscription; ongoing education to make sure I’m always learning and perfecting my skills; marketing; photography business subscriptions; travel for work; a customer relationship management system - and on top of that, the REALLY expensive stuff! The cameras; lenses (the prices would shock you - they still shock me!); laptop, memory cards (also surprisingly expensive!) and the ongoing maintenance and replacement of these items.

And it costs a lot of time. You may only see me for our shoot - but trust me, I’ll be spending hours before and after working on your experience, to make sure I’m delivering the most beautiful gallery of images to you possible.

It’s hard work, and I love every single bit of it! I am so grateful I get to do this.


At the point of booking, you’ll pay a deposit (which is 50% of your session fee) - this is a non-refundable payment which secures your spot in my diary.

The below is included in your session fee payment:

  • your photoshoot (1.5 hours to 2.5 hours)
  • hair & make-up (1 to 1.5 hours)
  • a beautiful location for your shoot
  • 3 fully edited digital images (additional images available to purchase separately)
  • access to your private online gallery to view & purchase your images

You do not need to choose your package until you receive your gallery.

Payment plans are available - please contact me to discuss.

Within 5 weeks of your shoot, you’ll have a beautiful online gallery of photos to enjoy viewing from the comfort of your own home.

The Discount!

I want you to benefit from your images whilst the experience is still fresh in your mind. To help you with this, when your gallery is delivered to you, you’ll have a 48-hour window where if you complete your product order within this time, you’ll receive an amazing 15% discount on any package you buy!

Let me know if there’s a particular time you’d like to receive your gallery once it’s ready so you can take full advantage of the discount window. Perhaps pick an evening or weekend when you have enough free time to properly go through your gallery and enjoy choosing your photographs.

I offer 3 different packages - the higher up you go, the more value you get! The digital files are also available to purchase individually.

The packages are detailed in full on the next page.

  • secures your booking
  • between 1.5 to 2.5 hours of shooting time
  • hair & make-up styling
  • location
  • 3 fully edited digital images
  • post-processing of images
  • access to your private online viewing gallery

N.B. A non-refundable payment of 50% of the session fee (£150) to be paid at time of booking


2 Scoops (x5 digital files)

£230 (without 48h discount) or £195 (with 48h discount) - £39 per file

Banana Split (x10 digital files)

£335 (without 48h discount) or £285 (with 48h discount) - £29 per file

Hot Fudge Sundae (ALL digital files)

£430 (without 48h discount) or £365 (with 48h discount) - up to £18 per file


Individual digital files are £49 each

If you would like to discuss print or framing options, then please let me know!
Finding the light, and richness of colours; Helping with styling from corsets to collars; Seeing the confidence all of this brings; These are a few of my favourite things!


Debbie Murray, Emerald Photography

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