Foster a Future GEOTARGETING Proposal

The fact is Foster Kids Rock! They rock because they have dreams, ambitions and unlimited potential, all while facing the most challenging of circumstances. Fostering youth is not simply a sacrifice for the benefit of others. It is a rewarding, life-changing experience to connect with a child or teen and support them as they start to build their life. By focusing on the foster youth — their individuality, their aspirations, and their futures — we reinforce the profound importance and rewards of foster care.


TV PSA's will run on TV Stations across the state

on Facebook Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Billboards throughout Wisconsin


ANIMATED WEB BANNERS: Animated web banners will help promote the campaign. Banner ads will be placed on partner & sponsor websites.

WEBSITE LANDING PAGE: Landing page will mirror the campaign. The audience will be driven to the site using animation.

RADIUS TARGETING: By using a combination of psychographic data and Facebook + Google's radius targeting tools, we can hone in on exactly who we want to reach, where we want to reach them.


Radius targeting is an advanced method of geo-targeting. Beyond just picking a city or zip code, we can pinpoint EXACTLY what locations we want to reach people. At the library, grocery store, doctor's office, etc. We can even exclude low impact areas like parks and industrial buildings. Beyond location, we can exclusively share our message with demographics and interest groups that we choose.

There are elaborate location based geotargeting options that involve code, an app or other software that uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action when a mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location or geofence. It can prompt mobile push notifications, trigger text messages or alerts, send targeted advertisements on social media or deliver location-based marketing data.

We employ our radius targeting strategy within existing platforms—Google, Instagram and Facebook. No app. No code. Just an efficient and effective strategy that integrates location and data to reach our SPECIFIC audience.

While it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach like-minded people with face to face opportunities, we have a massive opportunity to reach people in their homes.

They are out there, in their homes, on their computers and mobile devices – and we need to grab them.


Using the most up to date data possible through OHC reports and Facebook analytics, we can identify which professions, interest groups and age ranges are most likely to become foster parents. Along with Facebook’s radius targeting capabilities, this allows us to share our messaging with people who are most likely to be receptive to our message, specifically in areas with the highest need for participation. Our strategy consists of a two-tier attack with A/B testing, each with multiple ad sets and creative assets to make sure that we are covering all our bases. With this two-tiered structure we make sure that we are spending efficiently and only targeting highly interested traffic with our strongest calls to action.


A/B testing, also called split testing, is a tactic by which we determine which ad headlines, body copy, images, call-to-actions, or a combination of the above work best for our target audience. We do this by taking 2 ads, and letting them compete with each other to determine which one is higher performing. A/B testing allows you to gather insights for a more efficient spend the following week.


Setup A/B Test (week 1) Gather Insights (end of week 1)

Make adjustments based on winner of A/B testing (week 2)

Repeat (throughout the campaign)


AUDIENCE: We start by using the most advanced, up-to-date information possible about people who are most likely to become foster parents, and the areas of highest need based on OHC data.

CREATIVE: Foster a Future videos that compel people to learn more on the FosterParentsRock.org website.

GOAL: Clicks


AUDIENCE: People who viewed one of our initial videos + top 25% of web traffic visitors based on Facebook’s Pixel data.

CREATIVE: Retargeted ads with a stronger emotional component (Foster Parent Champions, Gala family of the year, etc., reedited No Matter What recruitment topic videos) and a strong call to action. Clicks direct to lead generation form to turn them into highly qualified leads.

GOAL: Leads


WEEK 1: Set up Ignite with Facebook Pixel data, ad manager permissions and approve creative.

WEEK 2: Set up campaign structure, start running Top of Funnel (TOF) A/B test ads to selected regions.

WEEK 3: Follow progress of TOF ads and tweak settings, accordingly for maximum page views. Set up Bottom of Funnel (BOF) ads with goal of developing leads.

WEEK 4: Follow progress of TOF and BOF campaigns, make tweaks accordingly to maximize impact. Cut off low performing creative assets and direct spending to high-performers.

WEEK 5: Measure success, evaluate and move forward.


SETUP: Setup the campaign and establish the framework. (approximately 3-4 business days.) $500

AD SPEND: We recommend at the very least a $50/day on ad spend per location – split between TOF and BOF. (The more we spend the more people we will reach.) $350/week per location

FEE: To manage the campaign we will charge a flat rate of $1000 per week. (25-30 hours of active management per week.) $1000/week