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Have you ever wanted to travel to China? Do you want to immerse yourself in rich culture and history? If so, book a flight to China for your next vacation! China has many cultural sites such as the Classical Gardens of Suzhou. Many cultural sites have a deep history behind them and some double as religious sites.

China has been a strong political force for a very long time. While exploring China, you will find the Imperial palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties along with the Forbidden City, where they are located. The palaces used to house the rulers and they were used to be the center of State power in late feudal China. The palaces in Beijing were built between 1406 and 1420. Come and explore the Forbidden City and visit the old political centers of China.

Have you ever wanted to visit an authentic Chinese market? If you book a flight to China today, you can see one and experience an important part of Chinese culture and economy today! Outdoor markets have been an important part of Chinese economy ever since trade on the Silk Road. Many country citizens who do not live in bustling cities such as Beijing and Shanghai will come and sell their handmade goods to people; making markets a very necessary part of their income.

Religion has played a vital role in Chinese culture and government for a very long time. The Temple of Heaven was built by the same man who was responsible for constructing the imperial palaces in Beijing. The temple was built from 1406 to 1420; the same time as the palaces. Inside the temple, there is a lot of symbolism. All of the temples surrounding this one have navy blue roofs, symbolizing Heaven and inside the temple, there is a circle, representing Heaven, and a square, representing Earth. The shapes represent Earth and Heaven and their relationship.

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