Mr. Hubler Weekly Update 12/12/16

Hello Eagles!

Last week was interrupted by the snow. Fortunately, we had finished up the current unit we were working on for all my classes on Wednesday so it was a natural stopping point. We're back this week and ready to rock!

Slytherin won the House Cup last week! Congratulations Slytherins!


December Calendar for Math 2 (4th Period)

Last week we learned about how to write inequalities using integers.

Coming up this week we will be covering absolute value.

Math 3

December Calendar for Math 3 (2nd and 5th Periods)

Last week we learned how to find the unit rate of various real-world scenarios, i.e. the speed of a car that travels 150 miles in 5 hours.

This week we will look at the basics of what a proportion is and how to work with proportions.

Learning Strategies

December Calendar for Learning Strategies (6th Period)

Last week in Learning Strategies we spent a lot of time discussing goals.

This week, we will continue to work through the Seeing My Time workbook and work on staying on top of our assignments.

Who will win the House Cup next?

Coming Up!

Let's finish off 2016 strong!

Contact Me

If you ever need to contact me here are a few ways you can reach me.

Phone: 503-844-1400 ext. 3919


Website: Click here to go to my website where you can find a contact form that will send me an email.

Have a fun and safe weekend!
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