Me Earl and the Dying Girl Gabriella castonguay

Watch this movie trailer to get a more broader look on the story.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a novel about a boy named Greg (low profiled) who is forced by his mother to go see his old friend Rachel (whom has cancer). After visit upon visit, she seems to get more weak and less happy. Rachel spent her days in the hospital watching Greg and Earl's movies, so to make her happy, they decided to make her what turned out to be a horrible film. Now, the cancer has taken Greg's new friend with it, so in her honnor, he wrote the novel to apply for the school she picked out.


Many people must cope with sick and dying people. This issue is very hard to tackle due to the sensitivity but everyone goes through such feelings. Coping with ill loved ones, is a difficult task, as well as having to deal with death, and that is a large problem in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.


Person vs Self- Greg doesn't know how to deal with a sick/dying girl. Throughout the novel Greg tries to make jokes and keep a smile on his dying friends face, but he faces issues with himself. Greg begins to fail classes, and loses happiness due to the stress put upon him about losing this girl. Earl felt selfish if he didn't go visit her, so he put loads of stress on himself to kept her happy. Towards the end, he realized all the stress he put on himself and changed for the better, but he had to learn how to cope with all the sadness throughout his journey.

Using such coping guide, could help many others in Greg's position.

Rachel's family and friends acted scared, and very touchy on the subject of cancer. Greg especially, because he didn't understand how to make her happy, or what to say. So like in this ted talks, Kristien has been diagnosed with cancer and non of her friends and family know how to react, and they set back on life, like Greg in this novel.

Greg experiences many emotions over the time when his friend was in the hospital, like in this blog. This blogger states her every emotion she had towards this subject and like Greg, guilt was a major feeling.

Character Development

Greg experiences many changes due to the changes around him. Before Greg did not have many friends, so having this cancerous friend puts a huge impact of change on him life. Not only did he change then, but he then had to re adjust to losing his new friend after setting himself so far back, for his friend.

I put in this video to show the change many people in the world goes through. Cancer does change everything, and just like in the novel, it changes how every character acts and feels.

This blog is about women with cancer. In this short sentence it has words of empowerment. This sentence relates back to this novel in a large way because Greg is scared for Rachel.


Appreciate what you have because it can leave in a blink of an eye. Many things can easily go wrong, so while they are right, be positive and appreciate it.

This movie, realates greatly to Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. In the fault in our stars, this couple met because of cancer, like this novel. In both books they appreciate what they have until the last moment, and make it last.

In this post, this guys girlfried is moving away and he doesn't know what to do with the time he has left with her, so I'm relating it to this novel. Greg knows Rachel might not win this fight so he doesn't know what to do since he knows that she will be leaving him sooner or later. They both don't know how to deal with the situating, but they are appreciating their time left.

In this video, this cancer patient states to make time for your loved ones, but she also says MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. I think that this video is a very strong link between my novel because Greg doesn't make enough time for himself because he's making to much time for his friend Rachel.


Trying to help Rachel and her family get through the illness was a very difficult task but Greg put in as much effort as he could. Also her friends helped as well.

So as you see in this video, the nurses are dancing with this cancer patient to make her happy. Many people in Rachel's life tried to make her happy, just like in this video. This little girl seems to love dancing, so like in the book Rachel had an interest in Greg and Earls movies. Therefor they make her movie to try and make her happy while going through these tough times.

This women explains how you can help families and cancer patients cope with their sickness.

This cancer statement plants many ideas of how to get yourself prepared before helping everyone else cope. Just like Greg, he stayed strong so others would be less scared.

This blog could have helped Greg in his situation because in these statements it keeps them both calm.

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