Cryptography in the US and with the British Katherine Moyer

What is it?

Cryptography is finding and breaking codes into actual messages. This also includes the writing of the codes that have to be figured out. This was used to send messages without the enemy’s finding out what is being said. This was used so that the places and times of meetings was not given to the other countries in which they were fighting against. This was first invented many years ago( thousands). This allowed espionage.

Development of cipher machines

According to Wikipedia back then it was "classic cryptography," what this means is that it was easy enough to use on paper; not machines. This method is generally not used due to the lack of complexity. For instance many of these were used with a substitution alphabet. It replaced the "normal" letters in for the covered ones.

They developed over the usage and these machines that were made were mostly used by the British, Germany, and Austria. The messages that were important were often encrypted (math) and so the machines were needed for that. They became eaisier to use and often times were made for certain codes into them. The usage of them in WW1 made it smoother to use for WW2.

How this changed the war

This changed the war by making it possible to make messages faster, more informative than before, and it made it so that other troops in the trenches could communicate secretively.

It showed that people were willing to try new more innovative ways of winning this war. And that the usage of modernized technology was helpful in the war.

This affected people because others didn't know what was being said. And then some had to learn and memorize what the codes were and how to solve them. So this required some to get more of a mathematical background to help them understand it better.

We ended up using this in WW2 as well. We used encryption that were intense and difficult to get without the technology that they had at the time. Using them then makes it better for us today with computers, phones, and tablets.

While we had used the machines we also used Native Americans with their native toungs. All the while they were persuaded and wanted them to be into our own way of life. However, they made it possible for messages to be sent. Some of them completed training accordingly some nine-teen Choctaws did so. They were beneficial to us.

Reservations sense have wanted thier ancestors to be honored for thier work. Many of them sence then have, however many still have yet to be made into a huge publicity.


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