Ole Kirk Christiansen The creator of the lego

April 7, 1891-March 11, 1958

Ole Kirk Christiansen was born on the 7th of April 1891 in Filskov, Denmark, where he grew up. He went to school until high school and dropped out and then began working in a factory,eventually becoming a woodworker and master carpenter. His fathers and mother were Jens Niels Christiansen and Kirstine Christiansen and he had 4 children.

Awards and Honors:

The LEGO company won many awards including the Champions award,mechanical design, programming,strategy & innovation, robot performance etc. The LEGO movie was also in honor of the first people to start the LEGO.

Other Inventions:

Ole Kirk Christiansen was most notable for founding the LEGO company but he also invented the Bilofix.


No one has innovated the LEGO but LEGO was an innovation, an innovation of the Kiddicraft self-locking building bricks patented in the United Kingdom, 1939 by Hillary 'Harry' Fisher Page(below)

Today,LEGOS are made out of colorful plastics instead of wood. LEGOS not only include interlocking bricks but have an array of gears,figurines called minifigure,and various other parts to offer. They also made sets that can be arranged to construct objects such as vechicles and buildings.

Field of Engineering:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering

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