Aerospace Engineering By: zach Merz

Aerospace engineering is a field in which engineers design better planes, drones and test prototypes. They work as a team to do research better ways of flight. They even create robotic probes and space stations.

Some planes are simple, such as one of the oringinal Wright Flyers, shown here, but this is also the start of a new era, where people took flight.

Eventually the Wright Brothers, mostly Orville because Wilbur died at a young age, perfected their plane to be in use for war.

Now 100 years later we can break the sound barrier and fly in formation, a feat that could not be accomplished if there was no advancement from the original Wright Flyer.

Now we can control hobby grade drones and fly them using transmitters, without the need of someone inside the plane.

Professional drone pilots can now take stunning aerial photography, a field that has just emerged in aerospace engineering.

A basic 3d printer can be seen at the top right, a 3d printed piece that NASA printed for drones. Bottom left is a sky prowler, a drone/ plane that transforms in flight and is made from 3D printed parts, the bottom left shows a 3D printed mini airbus model used to test efficentiency.
Job outlook
This camera is brand new and helps to get clearer images from the sky when looking at the ground. This sensor has just been created by UTC Aerospace Systems.

Aerospace engineering is such an interesting topic as it uses so many different techniques and so many different ideas for airplanes, and drones. They use 3D printing with some 3D cad programs, something that I use regularly with my printer at home. Sometimes they even get to test prototypes of things that will soon come to be, I think this is pretty cool and will be something different on the job everyday. Also throughout my life I have been into flight, when I was in fourth grade I had a project and I did it on the Wright Brothers. Since then I have started to research drones and planes, even doing a project on the accuracy of drone's dropping cargo as my science fair project.


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