The Makings of Alexander the Conquerer

To understand Alexander the Great is to understand his empire. Who he is determined who he becomes, how he conquers, and the way he rules.

As a boy, Alexander is first educated in the tough Spartan style. He develops excellent physical abilities. He is tough. He can withstand hardship. He develops admirable physical bravery.

In his middle teens, Alexander is educated by Aristotle. Alexander is exceptionally bright. Aristotle pushedsAlexander's mind all the time they are together. From this education, Alexander shows an ability to "think outside the box" as we would say today. He is always able to show exceptional imaginative thinking.

Alexander is handsome. That is a big deal in his day. Handsome men are highly thought of by the public. It is seen as sort of a blessing from the gods - a gift given by a God that signals a good future.

Finally, Alexander has personal appeal. He is popular with those around him. We call it charisma. Alexander is never a snob. He mixes with others, especially his soils era, while still retaining his royal status. During his years fighting, Alexander knows the personal names of thousands of his men. When he saw a solider he talks with him making sure to use his name.

Combine these qualities with his belief in his destiny. Then, you start to understand Alexandrr the empire builder.

Alexander is also a very brilliant general. When he faces new battle challenges, he developed new ways to win.

All of these factors, and the way the world is at the time he lives, allow him to create the greatest empire the world has yet seen.

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