ProvingGrounds Invitational Sponsorship OPPORTUNITIES

What is Proving Grounds?

Proving Grounds Invitational is the premiere grappling event in Utah and the Mountain West. PGI is a Submission Only NoGi Grappling event with a unique rule set that ensures a clear winner for each match. We attract some of the top athletes in the area and even the whole country. Athletes range from Jiu Jitsu athletes, MMA fighters and even wrestlers.

Our mission is to provide an event that showcases the atheletes skill and gets them paid. As well as provide an entertaining show for our spectators. As most events only give out medals we stand out with always offering a generous purse for winners. This is our 5th event and we are on track for it to be our biggest so far. In the past all events have been on the north end of the valley in Davis county.

Our 5th event is being held at Church and State in Downtown Salt Lake City. This venue is a Historic Church that has been converted to an event space. It still has the old church look with stained glass, arched ceilings and a huge balcony that is overlooks the mat. We have a plan for showing video of this entire event the week after with our new streaming system on YouTube and Facebook.

Where does sponsorship money go? Directly to athletes. In general Proving Grounds is a Labor of Love event because we love the sport.

Sponsorship Levels

Gold $1500

  • Sole sponsor of whole bracket
  • Your brand gets mentionioned on every post about this bracket including the initial matchups of the tournament.
  • Logo on 100s of photos that get shared on Facebook
  • Booth at event
  • Present prize money to athlete and have a chance to talk about your brand to our audience.
  • 4 tix to event and free entry for people working booth
  • Only 3 Gold Level Sponsorships are available
This is social media gold. We provide athletes and fans with a huge gallery of photos from each event. These then get reposted and passed around for years after an event. This option gets literally 1000s of eyeballs on your logo

Silver $1000

  • Sole sponsor of whole bracket
  • Your brand gets mentioned on every post about bracket
  • Booth at event
  • Present prize money to athlete and have a chance to talk about product.
  • 4 tix to event and free entry for people working booth
Your logo goes on every social media post about the bracket and matchups

Bronze $600

  • Shared sponsorship of bracket with one other brand
  • Both brands are mentioned on every post about the bracket
  • Present prize money to athlete and have a chance to talk about your brand.
Co branded with one other sponsor in every social media post about the bracket

Superfight Sponsor $600

  • Get mentioned on every post promoting superfight
  • Present Prize to athletes and talk about product or service to our audience.
These are premiere matches for they fans and an opportunity for top athletes to shine.

Best of sponsorship $100

Get mentioned on social media posts about these categories. Plus present prize at the event.

Categories are:

  • Fastest submission
  • Fight of the night
  • Submission of the night
  • Your personal favorite submission or match

Product or Service Sponsor

Can’t do a monetary sponsorship at this time? We still might want your help. Do you have a product or service that will add to this event or help the athletes? We want your help! This is a donation based sponsorship with your time and your product/ service. Our contribution to you is helping spread the word to our very large diverse community about your product and service.

Examples of Product or Services:

  • Mats
  • Bleachers and Chairs
  • Lights
  • Helpers
  • Product for Swag bags and Giveaways
  • Medical assistance
  • Massage or Physical Therapy for Competitors during event
  • Do you have a skill that could help?

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