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Thesis : Shakespeare was a great playwright, poet, and actor. At about the age of 7 he attended the Stratford school of grammar. He now has a big impact to people’s lives.

Early Years:

Quote #1: “William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, the third of eight children” (Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare was born in a small market town. He had many siblings.

Quote #2: “According to the custom at that time, infants were baptized about three days after their birth. Therefore, the generally accepted date for Shakespeare’s birth is April 23” (Lander).

Commentary: Since they were baptized a little after their birth they guessed his birthday. They didn't have and record of his actual birthdate.

Quote #3: “Beginning at about the age of 7, William probably attended the Stratford grammar school with other boys of his social class. The school’s highly qualified teachers were graduates of Oxford University. Students spent about nine hours a day in school. They attended classes the year around, except for three brief holiday periods. The teachers enforced strict discipline and physically punished students who broke the rules”(Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare was taught by highly qualified teachers. Which is probably why he was a good playwright/poet.


Quote #4: "In 1576, outside the city walls of London." ( Anderson 778 )

Commentary: The Globe theater was located outside London. And was where his plays were performed.

Quote #5: "On Nov. 27, 1582, Shakespeare received a license to marry Anne Hathaway, the daughter of a local farmer." (lander)

Commentary: Where Shakespeare lived he had to get a marriage license to marry someone. So he got one to marry Anne Hathaway.

Impact on people’s lives:

Quote #6: "was an English playwright, poet, and actor. Many people regard him as the world’s greatest dramatist and the finest poet England has ever produced" (lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare left a big impact on people's life. Many people think of him as the world's greatest dramatist and the finest poet.

Quote #7: "Shakespeare’s poems and plays show a love of nature and rural life. This display undoubtedly reflects his childhood experiences and his love of the Stratford countryside" (Lander)

Commentary:Shakespeare's poems and plays often reflected on his childhood experiences. You will notice that in his works.

Quote #8: "In addition to his duties as a sharer and actor in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, he wrote an average of almost two plays a year for his company. During much of this period, Shakespeare ranked as London’s most popular playwright, based on the number of times his plays were performed and published" (Lander).

Commentary: The number of times his plays were performed and published. That experience ranked him as London's most popular playwright.

Quote #9: "an independent library in Washington, D.C., houses one of the world's most important collections of books by and about William Shakespeare"(Folger).

Commentary: People think Shakespeare highly of. So some dedicate libraries and large book collections.

Quote #10: "Royal Shakespeare Company is an English theater organization dedicated to presenting the plays of William Shakespeare and other playwrights of his time” (Royal Shakespeare Company).

Commentary: People really love Shakespeare's plays. So they are often reenacted.

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