Photoshop World 2017 Another inspiring conference

And so it begins! Three days of inspiration, learning, networking and friendship. This year, I am missing my sister, who joined me the last two years in a row. She and I have become a bit famous on the website and some other marketing materials! I wish she was here, but I do have my girls! Andrea and Alex are staying with me and joining me at the conference.

I'm going to be updating this all week, so stay tuned for additions! Let's get inspired so that the Photoshop C.O.P.S. don't come for us!

It's about learning

PhotoshopWorld is first about learning. So much information and inspiration happens here! I swear, I have learned more in one of these classes than I did in a whole semester in photography school. The education I get at PSW is 100% worth the price of admission

It's about Friends

You can call it "networking" if you want, but one of my favorite parts of psw is the friendships that I've made over the years. This year I got to meet up with old friends and make some new ones! The social part of psw is imperative and amazing.

It's about experience

So many ways are given to inspire, experience and put into practice all the lessons we learn this week.

Models in lighting bays

Natural light food set up

Natural light model setup

Photo shoot-out

Still life set-up

This year was another stellar year of PhotoshopWorld. I can't wait until next year! Thank you goes out to Kelby One and all the folks involved in making this conference happen.

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Corinne Karnatz

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