Northern Ole Miss Students Find Their Place in Mississippi By: Madison Scarpino

It is safe to say that Ole Miss freshman Kelsey Smith and Camille Cross are the opposite of southern belles. Coming from up north down to one of the most traditional southern states in American was not an easy adjustment for these two ladies.

Source: The University of Mississippi School of Law
  • Lets start with hospitality management major, Kelsey Smith. Kelsey was born and raised in Somers, New York, just 45 minutes outside of the Big Apple.
Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Smith. Kelsey loves going to the city whenever she can.

Kelsey knew she wanted to come down south for school. She wanted the warm temperature, different surrounding, and the opportunity to meet new people. With having so many big southern schools to chose from, Kelsey was initially unsure of where she would attend college.

After visiting the Ole Miss campus for the first time, Kelsey knew this was where she wanted to further her education.

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Smith. Kelsey loved her first tour of the campus including the infamous Walk of Champions.
"After seeing hoW WALKABLE AND INVITING THE CAMPUS WAS, I was sold." Said kelsey. "i felt so comfortable on my tour and everyone was so friendly, so that really helped too."

Kelsey feels as though college itself was more of an adjustment than the move from up north to down south. The main thing that stood out to her when it came to obvious differences between these two areas of the country was how inviting and family-oriented the deep south was.

"The pace down here is DEFINITELY more slow," Kelsey said with a chuckle. "and the people seem more open and inviting. also, everywhere i go i see everyone's family all together eating a meal or shopping. that does not happen as much where i am from."

Despite the obvious cultural differences between Mississippi and New York, Kelsey explains that she wouldn't change her college decision for the world.

  • Here's another state you don't hear much of at the University of Mississippi: Wisconsin. Pre-medical major Camille Cross calls Milwaukee, Wisconsin her forever home.
Photo courtesy of Camille Cross. Camille loves going to the city so close to home and is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.

Camille originally chose to attend Ole Miss to be apart of the soccer team. After much thought, she decided it would be best for her to let high school be the end of her soccer career. Despite this decision, Camille did not want this to stop her from becoming an Ole Miss student.

"i chose ole miss at first to play soccer. after a while i decided not to play a sport," said camille cross. "i still wanted to attend a school down south and enjoy being different from everyone else at home, along with the nice weather."

The diversity of the campus is what Camille loves the most about Ole Miss. Camille has rarely met a person at the school from the state of Mississippi and she loves getting to learn the things people say and do from around the country.

Although life at Ole Miss has been pretty great for Camille, it has definitely been an adjustment.

"The hardest thing was adjusting to how far i was from home," Said Camille. "I COULDN'T just pack up for the weekend to see my family, along with getting used to managing everything on my own."
Photo courtesy of Camille Cross. Camille had a blast at her freshman orientation and posed for a necessary picture in front of the Walk of Champions.
  • Both Kelsey Smith and Camille Cross have loved their experience at Ole Miss so far. Mississippi is no New York or Wisconsin, but the deep south has now became Kelsey and Camille's "home away from home."
Kelsey and Camille are currently both apart of the Alpha Phi sorority at Ole Miss. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Smith.
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Madison Scarpino

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