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Are you planning to improve the accessibility of cities by enlarging roads, rail- and waterways capacity? Do you need to initiate renovation works to ensure availability and safety of the structure? Do you need to take measures to ensure flood safety in the hinterland? Are you exploring the possibilities of smart mobility and digitization?

All these issues present you with a number of challenges:

  • High accountability through the use of public money
  • Availability need to be guaranteed at all times
  • Lack of efficient and time-optimized construction processes
  • Low bids in tender lead to high costs during realization
  • Lack of risk management leads to high costs and delayed completion

How do you benefit from us?

Drees & Sommer consultants ensure clear and pragmatic work structures right from the start of the project and use uniform methods to ensure efficient and transparent project implementation. We offer project management with controlling, consulting and management services for the Smart Infrastructure industry – from the initial phase of the project to the official handover after completion.

With the help of our Agile Design Management, challenges of the planning process can be overcome. We have adapted those approaches of the methodology to construction projects which are meaningful and promote rather than hinder. In the foreground are the people who, with just a few rules, work together integrally across disciplines and teams. We can assure:

  • Maximum certainty with regard to costs, deadlines and quality
  • Trusting cooperation through experienced and well-established teams
  • Knowledge of how qualification and validation can impact the planning and construction process
  • Construction engineering and industry-specific know-how ensuring a holistic understanding of all requirements
  • Technology concepts tailored to the industry and delivered by in-house engineering specialists
  • Close cooperation with your process planners on production processes
  • Risk management
  • Focus on value-added planning content and processes through our proven agile design management method

Your added value:

Drees & Sommer is one of the leading consulting companies in the construction and real estate sector along the entire value chain. More than 3,800 experts worldwide support leading companies and institutions of all sizes. The value we could add:

  • Holistic planning approach with expertise in construction, building services, workplace consulting brand experience and plant engineering
  • Reduction of waste of resources
  • Increase of planning reliability, measurability of progress and adherence to schedules
  • Improvement of interdisciplinary cooperation and motivation
  • Customer focus and flexibility
  • Experience with the unique local circumstances across our global 46 locations

An extract of our Smart Infrastructure projects

Renovation of road tunnels, municipality of Amsterdam, The Netherlands: In order to comply with the tunnel legislation (Warvw) in the Netherlands and also to replace tunnel installations that are at the end of their life cycle, the municipality of Amsterdam has set up the renovation programme of the Amsterdam road tunnels. The programme includes the renovation of 3 road tunnels and the renewal of the traffic centre. This renovation will ensure the safety and availability of the tunnels now and in the future as well. © Gemeente Amsterdam

Airport City, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Drees & Sommer supported the urban project development at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. The development of different planning variants and link with the deciding economic data results in a master plan, which shows the urban development, utilization, gross floor space and necessary investments. © m3 Architekten

Offshore Power Supply Connections, German North Sea: The generation of wind energy out at sea places the highest demands on people, material and management. Drees & Sommer supports the planning and implementation of power supply connections for wind farms in the North Sea. © TenneTTSO GmbH

Fraport Terminal 3, Frankfurt, Germany: To secure and expand Frankfurt as an international hub with lifting function, the total capacity of the terminal facilities is to be increased. The construction project includes the new construction of passenger handling facilities. Drees & Sommer has an overall contract for the management in the entire project. © FraPort AG

Mobility concept metropolitan region, Munich, Germany: The study includes a detailed overview of existing mobility projects and recommends courses of action based on a professional analysis of existing infrastructure, modes of transport, and interfaces. The key goal is to achieve higher-level integration of the individual measures.

SBB - Winterthur, Brüttener Tunnel, Zurich, Switzerland: More than 120,000 people travel daily between Zurich and Winterthur. The construction of the Brüttenertunnel will eliminate a capacity bottleneck and create a correspondingly efficient Winterthur rail junction. Drees & Sommer was appointed as project manager in support of the main coordination team. © nightnurse images

Research Project SmartSite, Germany: Germany’s vast network of roads needs constant repair and maintenance. The SmartSite research project is examining he use of innovative solutions to prevent avoidable defects in the road surface. As the lead member of the consortium, Drees & Sommer played a crucial role in the project.

A look inside Drees & Sommer

As the leading European Consulting, Planning and Project Management enterprise, Drees & Sommer has worked with private and public clients from construction bodies to investors on all types of real estate and infrastructure projects – both analog and digital – for 50 years. With its pioneering and future-shaping consulting, the company offers solutions for successful buildings, high-return portfolios, powerful infrastructure and livable cities. Around 4,000 employees in interdisciplinary teams based at 46 locations worldwide support clients across a wide spectrum of sectors. All the services provided by the partner-run company take into consideration both economic and ecological concerns. Drees & Sommer calls this holistic approach ‘the blue way’.

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