Refugees By: Zoey


In the article, New report says more than half of Syrian children aren't in school, the writer was talking about an 11 year old boy, Al-Khleif, and his family. Al-Khleif has lived in Saadnayel, Lebanon with his family ever since 5 years ago when they fled out of the civil war in Syria.

Al-Khleif has two older brothers, none of of the three go to school due to the cause of being refugees, and that there family is struggling, especially their father. Both of Al-Khleif’s brothers work to support the family, instead of going to school. Unlike his brothers, Al-Khleif had the option to go to school at one point. He went to school for 6 months, but then stopped and said he’d much rather look for work to help the family.

In Syria Al-Khleif is in the midst of half the population that doesn't really gain any proper knowledge. There are many reasons to these children don't attend school. Some of them are because of poverty, and home environment issues.

Many refugees in Lebanon don't go to school due to the cause of having to flee from a war.

About 1.1 million Syrian refugees have fled into Lebanon. A quote from Bassam Khawaja that really speaks loudly to the people,” Children should not have to sacrifice their education to seek safety from the horrors of war in Syria.” To this, many Syrian schools have let in a non morning school shift so many more refugee kids can come to school, instead of having to stay at home. Adding in the afternoon shift of school has helped the population of Syrian kids that don’t go to school decrease, and increase the number that of kids that get formal education.

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