LGA NEWS EDITION 12, DATE: 26 March 2021


Although the spring term has been badly disrupted by Coronavirus I have been very pleased with how students have settled back in to school routines. Lessons around the academy have been calm and purposeful and I have been pleased to see how well students have engaged with their learning. It has been great to see students resuming after school sport clubs this week too and as you will read later in this Newsletter, music activities begin after the holiday. Activities such as sport and music are so important as they develop a whole range of social and interpersonal skills so I would encourage students to get involved and take part.

It does seem odd having a holiday so soon after the restart but looking at the many tired looking faces around the Academy I think it is needed - perhaps the change in routine has had a bigger effect than we thought! I do hope that you have a good break and that you can enjoy meeting up with family and friends (outdoors of course and following the rule of 6!) as the lockdown rules begin to relax.

Happy Easter

Jim Parker, Principal.

Extra Curricular Groups

We are pleased to confirm that our extra curricular groups are restarting after the Easter break. Students can speak to teachers in the Wellbeing department about the Sports clubs, or to their teachers in the Music department about the Music groups.


Amelia and Emma have been working hard on their Duke of Edinburgh award, by completing a community litter pick and managing to fill 2 black bags of rubbish from their local area.

Both Ms Dunn and Mrs Bowen are very proud of them and the two year 9 students have received a community award from their HOHs for all their efforts.

Mr Henry, Head of PE, has also said that he is very proud of what they have achieved and the example that they have set to not only the students taking part in the DoE this year but to students who may be thinking about joining in the future.

El Desayuno

The best way to learn is by doing, so our amazing Year 8's were learning about Spanish food by having a Spanish breakfast!

Students were able to try Cola Cao, a chocolate powder mix that is combined with milk and millions of Spanish children (and some adults!) enjoy each morning as part of their breakfast and Principe Galletas (Biscuits for those of us who don't speak Spanish!), which are sweet treats of two biscuits sandwiched together with a creamy chocolate filling!

The students really enjoyed the treats and appreciate Mrs Vilanova and Miss Reynolds for giving them the opportunity to learn more.


Row Wars

Mrs I'Anson set her Maths Classes a challenge, asking them to compete in rows against the other students in their class.

The students were given the additional challenge of coming up with a team name that was somehow connected to Maths and each class has now had a winner!

  • 7X3B - Mathematicians01
  • 8x2 - Mode
  • 8Y3A - Obtuse 101
  • 9X3B - Square Based Pyramid
  • 9Y2 - Perpendicular Bisector

Congratulations to all the students for working so hard in their Maths lessons and for those who belonged to the winning teams.

Pi Challenge

Mrs I'Anson has also set her Maths classes a challenge to memorise the most digits of Pi.

Ava, 7X3B, in her first ever Pi challenge memorised 10 digits of Pi, with Charlie in 9Y2 memorising 11 digits of Pi, before being beaten by Natalia of 8X2 who memorised 28 digits of Pi, who in turn was overtaken by Emily D of 8Y3A who memorised a amazing 29 digits of Pi!

Alanah of 9X3B then smashed the challenge by memorising a whopping 46 digits of Pi!

All the winners have been rewarded with House Points and just in case you want to see if you can beat Alanah, the image below has 500 digits of Pi!


Hello Colossus House!

We are so proud of the way that you have settled back into daily school life and the numerous ways that we have seen you helping your community.

We set a goal to collect 150 Easter Eggs to donate to our House Charity MKSnap and although we didn't quite make the goal, our desks have been overflowing with Eggs that students and staff have donated.

Ruby and Harry from Year 7 with some of the donations

We know the learners at MKSnap are going to be very thankful to know that their community have been thinking of them and very grateful for your generosity.

We'd like to congratulate some of our top House Point earners for Colossus since we have been back:

  • Imra C9CRA
  • Layla-Kae C7LDI
  • Morgan C7MCO
  • Braiden C9RMX
  • Erin C9RMX
  • Brandon C10KBE
  • Maddison C9RMX

The following students have worked so hard and we are seeing the big improvements made well done!

  • Lilly C7GTH
  • Jacob C10KBE

The day before Mother's Day Mia, a year 10 Colossus student, along with Ms Whalley and her dog Cookie ran a 5K circuit of Willen Lake, to raise money for Willen Hospice. Mia has been fund raising for Willen Hospice to say thank you to them for the care they gave her Mum and the support given to her family.

Miss Hussey and Mia's family were there at the end of the race to celebrate Mia's Achievement and as Mia had decided to run without knowing how much money she had raised she was very pleased to find out that she had raised over £600 with donations still coming in and her total at the time of publishing over £800!

Please remember that you are all amazing and we love seeing and hearing from you. Have a great Easter and we'll see you when you are back in April.


Miss Hussey and Ms Whalley, Colossus House


Hello Enigma Heroes!

A huge well done to all Enigma House students for the House Points that they have gained this academic year. Your hard work in lessons and also during lockdown when you completed your virtual schools work has really paid off.

We are so proud of your achievements and keep up the great efforts. The following are some of our top students in Enigma House for House Point totals. They are absolute Superstars!

  • Leah E7LRA with 250
  • Hannah E7MDO with 243
  • Lucas E7MDO with 241
  • Ethan E7MDO with 218
  • Bethany E8BWN with 210
  • Colin E7RBE with 204
  • Fahema E8JMA with 201
  • Dominik E7RBE with 201
  • Riley E7RBE with 200

We were so pleased to see so many Enigma students attended the after school sports clubs that are now running. The clubs were a huge success and very well attended. When speaking to our students comments were made like;

  • "I really enjoyed myself"
  • " It was great to spend time with my Sports team"
  • "Mr Mort and Mr Whiting are legends, so funny and make sport fun"
  • "Miss Webb was teaching us how to get in front to get the ball and then we played a match show the skill"
  • Sport is not only fun, it helps build great teams and also is good for your mental health.

Thank you to our Wellbeing, PE Department team here at Lord Grey Academy.

Mrs Kirby asked Engima Students who their favourite teachers were over Lockdown and we had some fantastic responses that we wanted to share with you all.


Mrs Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Enigma House


Hello Lorenz House,

We would like to say a huge well done to all of you. It has now been three weeks since we reopened the school to all year groups and it seems like a really big change for all of us – again. It demands a lot of patience with each other and a lot of determination to adjust and is very tiring. You have done this brilliantly, we are very proud of you and really pleased to see you all again.

You may remember that Ollie, year 11, was drumming to show support for the NHS every week last year. For this Ollie was nominated for the Young Person's Achievement Award in the 'Spirit of MK3 Community Awards 2020'


We'd like to give a huge congratulations to Ollie for winning The Young Person's Achievement Award for his drumming and his fundraising activities during such a difficult time. It is such an excellent achievement and we are so proud of you.

Well done Ollie!!!!


Harry's Rainbow is one of the Lorenz House Charities of the year and they have some spaces to take part in the London Brighton Bike Ride. If you're up for the challenge, find out more on their website.

A huge well done to the following students in each year group for being the top students for House points since returning to school from the 8th march

We have had some brilliant photographs of work sent in from some Lorenz students too. Libby-Leigh has created this beautiful Spring Daffodil.

We wish you an excellent Easter break with lots of rest and relaxation. We hope that the new term will be one of positivity, excitement and success.

Be good, be kind, be safe.

Stand out and be awesome!!

Mrs Bowen and Mr Crook, Lorenz House

World book day winners

Thursday March 4 was World Book Day, and our students took the challenges to heart! The Winners, have been notified and their prizes will be with them shortly!

The World Book Day Winners are:

  • Hayden, year 7, won the costume competition
  • Lola, year 7, and Hayden, year 7, won the emoji quiz
  • Lily, year 7, and Isabelle , year 9, won the Big Quiz

Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who entered!


We recently asked for students across years 7-11 to send us a poem about Hope and Resilience. The poems entered from our Year 7 students were entered into a second competition being held by the the Grace Foundation across 6 Tove Schools and two of our students were runners up and won £20 gift vouchers each.

Congratulations Henry and Zidaan!

news from careers


For Year 11 and Year 12 - NCS is back this summer! After the disappointment when it was cancelled in 2020, the fantastic NCS experience is back this year. You've all seen the video in tutor time, so check out the website, and get your applications in ASAP. You will never regret signing up for this - it will give you skills and memories that will benefit the rest of your lives.

Teenager does nothing but play video games?

I'm a mum to teenagers. I too spend a lot of my time saying, "Get off that screen!" News stories of young people being paid thousands to play computer games really doesn't help us as parents/carers or as careers advisers! However, gaming is a fast growing industry, and gaming does give a number of useful skills. The first week of the holidays is Games Careers Week - A free online festival to inspire people from every background to discover careers in one of the UK’s fastest-growing creative sectors - video games. From 26th March.

Careers and further study information

Remember the LG careers website has everything you need to start exploring what to do after year 11. It's never too soon to start planning your career.

HS Work Experience for Y10 upwards

The next NHS Virtual Work Experience date is the 4th April. This programme is now available to support all aspiring healthcare students as an alternative to in-person NHS work experience during the pandemic. Students will spend a day with real healthcare professionals, in the following professions:

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Paramedicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Radiography
  • Art, drama and music therapy
  • Dietetics
  • Radiography
  • Prosthetics and orthotics
  • Speech and language therapy and pharmacy

During the work experience day, students will follow 2 patients from their initial presentation to recovery. Students will observe the healthcare professionals as they interact with the patients and and also each other. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge through teaching. This will help students to make an informed career decision as well as learn about how healthcare professionals work together as part of a multidisciplinary team. Each work experience day is completely different and students will be able to build on their knowledge of NHS careers as they see different patient cases and their healthcare professionals work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals and communities.

You can learn more and students can register for the programme here: https://alliedhealthmentor.org/nhs-healthcare-careers-virtual-work-experience/

Students will receive certificates as evidence of having participated in the work experience programme. Students can register individually through the website link above. Places are just £10 a day to cover administrative costs and run the tech on the day. If you require assistance please email admin@medicmentor.org

National Saturday Club

Across the UK, the National Saturday Club gives 13–16 year olds the opportunity to study subjects they love for free, at their local university, college or cultural institution.

Club members attend local classes every Saturday, for up to 30 weeks of the year, where professional tutors put together an inspirational programme of weekly Saturday classes.

Clubs also take part in national network events including Masterclasses with leading industry professionals, inspirational visits, trips and tours, and the opportunity to exhibit work in a major public exhibition.

Year 11 leavers hoodies

Place your order before Friday 14th May 2021 at 5pm http://wav.ee/lordgreyhoodies21

Competitions and family fun

Easter Challenge from the Ethos Team

Ashby House Bake Off Competition


There are more than 350 different careers in the NHS and students in years 7-9 are being asked to create a job description for a job in the NHS that interests them! Please see Mr D Smith for an entry form. The deadline is 30th April 2021.

Westbury Arts Centre Young Artist of the Year

Westbury is on the lookout for its "Westbury Young Artist of the Year". FREE entry and open to anyone under the age of 18. Successful submissions will be on display in our BIG summer exhibition which will take place in July. Deadline for entries is the 4th of May.

For full details on how to enter visit: https://www.westburyartscentre.org.uk/milton-keynes-open

FRank Moran centre 'Kinetika flags' project

Premier League Kicks Easter Holiday Camp



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