Totalitarian Goverments By Ruby Powers


The Government in the hunger games isn’t as unreal as you might think. After all, some of our governments today are just like it. There are a couple of ways that the governments in present day and in The Hunger Games are controlling the people who live there. The governments have many systems of keeping themselves in power. These methods can also be used to keep the people living with them from rebelling. They can control the media and education, communication, keep people at odds with each other, control people's movements, keep people tired and hungry, and make sure people are afraid of them. They can do this in many different ways.


One example of control over movement in the hunger games is the districts aren’t allowed to move to other districts or even see people in other districts (Collins, 44). The people of Panem are not allowed to even go outside their district except if you have a specific job. In the present day governments it is very similar. For example in North Korea, people aren’t allowed to travel in or out of the country (United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights). This rule is to make sure the people of Panem and the people today don’t rebel because if they saw how the government was treating people then they could team up against them after they realized they weren’t the only ones who are suffering from the government's ways.


Another way the government controls people is control over media and education. In both the governments in The Hunger Games and in present day, they both control what kids are learning in school. In Panem they only let kids learn about the parts of the dark days that the capitol wants them to learn so they don’t think that they should try to rebel again, even though most people, including Katniss, knows what really happened (Collins, 42). In the government's today the government in China doesn’t let kids learn about the Tiananmen Square incident that occurred on June 4th, 1989 (Beam). This helps keep the people from rebel against the government as well.


The third example of the government having control over their people and keeping people at odds with each other. In present day governments such as North Korea, they use the songbun social classification. The songbun social classification is a system used in North Korea that determines someone's place of work and residence (United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights). People who are not politically reliable are forced to work harder jobs. In Panem, The Capitol gave people the hunger games not only as a punishment, but to keep the districts angry at each other, cause what’s the point of making friends if you might have to kill them?


All these rules and systems are made to keep both the government in The Hunger Games and the governments today in power of their people. In both they don’t want to be overthrown by the people so they come up with way to distract them and redirect their thinking. The government's make sure that they aren’t the target when people get frustrated with the way they are living. That’s why the both the governments have these rules. After all why should they care how their people care treated when they have all the luxury they could ask for?


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