Smart Bite "Knowledge is one bite away"

"Knowledge is one bite away"


A revolutionary snack bar that will make newly-obtained knowledge stick to your brain like glue

"Knowledge is one bite away"

Flavors and Nutritional Information


  • Caramel Apple
  • Berry Yogurt
  • S'mores


  • One box= $5.99, each box contains 5 bars, each bar contains 4 bites
  • One individual bar= $1.49, each bar contains 4 bites
"Knowledge is one bite away"

Mission Statement

Our goal is to keep our communities smart and our students studiously active and provide a better future for generations to come

Target Audience

  • Middle/High School students
  • College students
  • Citizens in need of a cheaper way to obtain information instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive textbooks
  • People looking to save time instead of wasting precious hours
"Knowledge is one bite away."


For every 5 boxes purchased, we donate one to Lunches of Love or another charitable organization of your choice

"Knowledge is one bite away."

Contact Information

  • Food Knowledge
  • 1-800-5224 1725
  • Hamilton Ave Orlando, FL
"Knowledge is one bite away."


Created with images by jamarmstrong - "Wrekin Berries"

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