Much Ado About Nothing Character List Marcorie ToussAint


  • Heros cousin
  • Leonatos niece
  • Very sassy and sarcastically comical especially torwards Benedict
  • Her friends "Trike" herinto falling in love with Benedict


  • Sometimes a total jerk
  • Friends trick him into falling I love with Beatrice.


  • Kind and Loving
  • Cousins with Beatrice
  • In love with Claudio


  • Young and in love with Hero
  • Emotional
  • He is a count

Don Pedro

  • Prince of Aragon
  • Won the war against his brother Don John


  • Margaret's lover
  • Don Johns followers
  • He helps don John trick fladio and Pedro

Don John

  • Bastard
  • Brother of Don Pedro
  • Considered as evil
  • Antagonists
  • Always unpleasant


  • Musician
  • Helps everyone trick Benedict into falling in love with Beatice
  • Also flirts with Margaret


  • Leonatos older brother
  • Hero is his niece
  • Old man


  • Very witty
  • She is Heros gentlewomen
  • Flirtatious
  • Inlove with fashion


  • Governor of Messina
  • Heros father
  • Uncle to beatrice
  • Friendly character

Friar Francis

  • Married off Claudio and Hero
  • Comes up with the plan to pretend Hero is dead. Much like Romeo andJuliet

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