2019 Annual Reflection The Legacy Issue

Eight years ago, we founded Seed around the basic but essential belief that quality, dignified care can and must be accessible for all. We knew then what we know now—stronger health outcomes are possible in any setting through dedication, discipline, and deep and long-term investments in the health workforce.

Today, we confront the existential assault of Covid-19. It presents new and unique challenges for global health. This pandemic has underscored the need for strong health systems, which are essential to tackling the great health challenges of our time. Now, more than ever, we need to invest in health professionals so that they are equipped to deliver quality care and effectively respond to health crises like Covid-19.

Over the years, we have worked at the individual and systems level to build skills, knowledge, and capacity to ensure that the improvements in our partner countries’ health systems are durable and resilient in the face of challenges. Our experience has proven that deep local partnerships can encourage systemic transformation in health delivery. This annual reflection shares our new journey of transformative impact starting in 2018 and which builds on our foundations since 2013.

The successful conclusion of our inaugural program, the Global Health Service Partnership, formed part of the legacy for our bold plans moving forward. We have focused ourselves for the next five years and remain dedicated to catalyzing lasting change in the health systems of our partner countries—Eswatini, Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia.

In 2019, Seed formed deep partnerships with 9 public sector institutions in Malawi and 5 in Uganda where, in collaboration with the government, we recently launched our Uganda country strategy. We are exploring innovation in Eswatini and are launching a new primary care training initiative in Zambia. In all countries, we are committed to training physicians, nurses, and midwives powerfully and invested in building complete health workforce teams that can provide the critical backbone for high-quality care and save lives.

The impact we have had so far would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of our individual, foundation, corporate, institutional, and government partners. We are grateful for your unwavering support. For us, healthcare is not just about providing a quick fix. It’s about a multigenerational impact—investing in people—for the long term and building the resiliency needed to confront any challenge, whether Covid-19 or the next one down the line.


Vanessa Kerry, MD, MSc | Chief Executive Officer

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