The Great M9.2 Earthquake Isabella Neitzel

Crack! Rumble! Many people didn’t make it home when a giant crack went through their city of Prince William Sound. This was because of the Great M9.2 earthquake. The Great M9.2 earthquake had destructive effects on the Earth and people living near the quake. This 9.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed the city of Prince William Sound in Alaska and created a tsunami on March 27, 1964, at 5:36 pm. This earthquake happened because of convergent boundaries colliding and sliding plates. So, read this essay below and learn about the 2nd biggest earthquake ever.

The Great M9.2 earthquake happened in the specific city of Prince William Sound. Could other earthquakes occur around the world like this one did? Well, the answer is yes because they can occur at plate boundaries around the world. To clarify, the Pacific plate went underneath the North American plate, and the ground pushed upward while the ocean water pushed too. This event occurred at that specific point because it was at a convergent boundary and the plates collided. Other natural disasters including earthquakes can happen at convergent boundaries and when plates collide. Also, it can happen when continental and oceanic crusts collide. This earthquake built, destroyed, and changed the Earth’s crust in many ways. For example, a crack went through the city and tore the city in half. In addition, landslides were abundant and swept away houses. For more information, continents are slowly moving and they can collide, subduct, and rub. This will also change and destroy the Earth’s crust. The Great M9.2 earthquake happened for specific reasons and many more earthquakes can happen again if in the same conditions.

Now, this earthquake had an effect on people living all over the world. The Richter Scale of earthquakes is from 1-10. A 9.2 is very catastrophic and damaging. It lasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds, until the ground stopped shaking. This earthquake/tsunami took 131 lives and cost $2.3 billion dollars. Also, it was 25 kilometers beneath the surface which is still pretty damaging. Before the earthquake, the city of Prince William Sound was in pretty good condition, a nice town. The effects on the surface of the earth were insane, for it sent a gigantic crack through the city of Prince William Sound. The aftershock zone was 250 kilometers wide and felt 800 km away, after the quake. By the way, thousands of aftershocks were felt down the Americas-North and South. The earth literally vibrated, many people all over the world could feel the vibrations. In addition, this earthquake contributed to the continuous cycle of materials. To clarify, food, lumber, and water use were disrupted. Supplies all around the world can have a circle and chain effect. Whenever there is a natural disaster, trees and food/water sources are wiped out, but they are recreated and remade. The Great M9.2 earthquake had a very big impact on the Earth.

This earthquake definitely affected the people and communities near. Now, there have been many ways to predict earthquakes. Obviously, this earthquake destroyed the community of Prince William Sound. For example, 131 lives were lost to the earthquake. Also, it destroyed homes, roads, and the use of natural resources. Many people were left homeless, and without roads there was no way to get out of the city. Natural resources including fresh water and food were gone. Since this event, there have been many discoveries to minimize the impact and predict earthquakes. The movement of plates can help scientists see if they might collide, subduct, or rub. In addition, locations of Fault Zones can also be locations of earthquakes. If there is a history of earthquakes in the area, for example San Francisco-(which is a very common earthquake area), then there is more of a chance that there will be more again. Knowledge of this event has informed communities of the risks where they live. For example, adults and kids in earthquake areas need to know the risks of where they live, make their homes stable, and have evacuation plans/safe spots. Now that scientists can predict earthquakes based on plate movement and history of earthquakes, earthquakes such as The Great M9.2 can be predicted and lives can be saved.

In conclusion, the Great M9.2 earthquake was a very destructive and catastrophic event. It killed many people and destroyed the city of Prince William Sound. 131 lives lost, many swallowed into the depths of the unknown. Most of the current population was not around when this happened, but can only imagine this fatal event. Technology has improved and scientists can predict and sense earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Great M9.2 earthquake was awful but this event can be learned from, and help us predict future quakes. * *


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