Lyra Smith Personal Chef | Culinary Consultant | Creative Cooker

California native Lyra Smith first fell in love with the art of cooking as a young girl helping her parents out in the kitchen. When her family started to see her spending more time in her apron than her school or soccer uniform, the realized she might be destined for big things. Lyra enrolled in the College of Culinary Arts in Denver while also receiving a business degree online, and was thrilled to jump straight into her career path. She returned home to Southern California and began shadowing personal chefs who curated dining plans and schedules for special dietary needs and preferences, before eventually starting her own endeavor.

example of Lyra's dishes

In 2016, Chef Smith started her own personal chef business, which began as in-home chef as well as meal prep responsibilities. With the ability to freelance, she branched into consulting for restaurants, with the ability to provide innovative insight for their menus, presentations, and business strategies. Chef Spark has traveled to Europe, South Africa, and Southeast Asia to offer her culinary expertise.

Today, Chef Sparks continues to offer her services near and wide. She takes pride in continuing to educate herself with new techniques, recipes, and approaches on a regular basis, and is always looking to get outside her comfort zone. As her career moves forward, Chef Sparks looks forward to being able to provide teachings and trainings to share her (eventual) wealth of knowledge with her community.

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