Food Issue by:venice 3-2

What is food? Food is something you eat and it will help you grow to be strong, tall, and many more way that will help you grow. When you eat healthy food such as vegetable and other kind of food it will give you Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and energy. Food that we eat are usually plants and animal origin. But sometimes when you eat allergies food you can get sick very bad so be careful of what you are eating.

I have 2 easy life hacks for you guys not to waste food. 1.If you have a produce that it's getting soft, then put it in a cup of cold water for an hour and then it will regain much of its life. 2.Stick a white board on the fridge, and write down all items you have on the whiteboard. And every time you eat or take something out of the fridge erase each one that you took out. Did you know every time you are wasting food you are also wasting your money. If you are in a restaurant and you order the food but you can’t eat them or it's too much you can give it to the poor people or your nanny and maid also if you can you can eat the food in the morning. Did you know every single piece of rice and food it took so many day for each pieces of food to grow, so we shouldn’t waste food.

We get food from different ways like fishing, farming, processing, and from animals. Most ingredients and what we eat like fruit and vegetable comes from plants and farm. There are 4 steps for farming first step is growing, second verify, third send to shop, last thing is ready to eat. You shouldn’t waste food especially meat like beef, pork, and many more, because you have to kill it and it only have one life!

If you put your forks and spoons in the hot water the hot it will kill the bacterias. If you use cold water or room temperature water it will not kill the bacterias and then you can get sick. If you are not sure that you are to allergic to something you should go check with a doctor to make sure you are allergic to anything. If you feel itchy or something that makes you feel not good you should go to the doctor and get some help from them before you get sick. You also should wash you fruit and vegetables before you eat.


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