Nature's Womderful Poems By:spencer benningtoN

Getting started: pg.1

My Favorite light verse: pg.2

Mr Favorite Poem from another author: pg.3

Collection of my work: pg.4- 9

My Favorite poem: pg.10

Getting Started


The sun is very bright.

Just like a big white light.

The ocean color is blue.

That's why it's feels so cool.


The dog barks at the tree.

Just like when someone annoys me .

The birds like to sing.

When they here the bell ring.

That's why dogs loves me.


The wind is very loud.

Just cause it is proud

I wrote these poems cause I like animals. I wrote about what they do on a daily bases. I also wrote what their characteristics. Last I wrote why they love people.

My Favorite Light Verse

Light verse

Let us have wine and woman, mirth and laughter,

Sermons and soda water the day after.

"The Best Light Verse of All Time." The Best Light Verse of All Time. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2017

My Favorite Poem By Another Author

Favorite Free verse

The fog comes

on little cat feet.

It sits looking

over harbor and city

on silent haunches

and then moves on.


Collection Of My Favorite Work

Poem 1: Free verses Nature

Nature is a beautiful thing.

Trees are very green just like grass.

Flowers can make your day just like a smile.

The ocean is the coolest thing.

Animals are wild and free.

Clouds are white like ones eye.

The sun is bright just like a light.

The sky is blue as the ocean.

The forest has so many trees.

Jungles animals are all free.

In grassy lands there is a bunch of grass.

At night the moon shines very bright.

Farms have lots of food on their land.

Plants are good food for animals.

A lot of things die in nature.

It hurts the food web when things die.

Environments need animals.

Nature has lots of animals.

Nature needs all the trees .

All these things nature has in it.

This poem is about all of nature. I tell you about all it has. How many animals there are . What it needs. What happens in nature. I tell about pants. Lastly I talk about the food chain.

Poem 2:

Free verse Season, Weather, and places.

The seasons are bad and good.

Winter is bad but can be good.

Summer is delightful and fun.

Springs weather can be weird.

Fall is cool with lots of leaves.

Season are the reason it's fun.

Sea, Saltwater, soft sand.

The blue ocean with all the fish.

Island in the middle of water.

Jungles surrounded by trees.

In all the big trees are the birds.

All the animals live in the ground.

Some animals live underground.

In the harsh environments.

Is in the snow were it is cold.

Snow snow so slowly.

No on likes winters cold.

Hot sunny desert with some animals.

There is barely water.

In nature there is a lot.

In this poem i talk about the season. What's good and bad about them. What happens during them. The good and the bad abou them. Also I toalk about places with the climate.

Poem 3:

Poem 3 quatrain

Summer is a wonderful time

Just to be alive.

Summers sun Shines shiny.

That's why we have good time.

All the flowers bloom.

That's when people get out of their room.

They all start growing.

Then all the people start going.

Flowers flourish from the frond.

Oceans water is cool.

That why it is blue

Deep down in the sea .

Is were you will want to be.

Big, beautiful, and blue.

So soft, smooth, and small.

People just want fall.

Walking on the soft sand.

Because it's a free land.

That's why we have all

I wrote about the beach cause it's a cool place. There so many good things about the beach. The water, sand , and the ocean. It is also a wonder price of land. I think to me it is a symbol of peace.

Poem 4:

Winter is cold.

Winter is white.

Winters wind roaring.

Winters filled with snow.

Winters snow smacking.

Animals in hibernation.

Animals warm with there big coat.

Animals snoring away.

Animals dreaming in paradise.

Animals not waking up.

Winter coats on all the time.

Wearing three layers all the time.

Freezing in the cold all the time.

No one wants to come out all the time.

No sun ever all the time.

I wrote this to tell about what happens in winter. I also wrote this cause it's fun in the snow when you get to play. Then I wrote how animals go to sleep for a long time cause I like sleeping.

Poem 5:

The rough waters hitting the sand.

The sand probably isn't a fan.

But you just have to keep swimming.

If you keep winning keep swimming.

Falling over and eating sand.

No one gave me a hand.

You should probably drink water.

So you don't get hotter.

Laying on sand and getting burned.

That's why I got burned so that's how I learned.

Putting on a shirt and it hurts.

That's when I get the alert.

Getting stung by a jelly fish.

Puts me in a big dish.

Getting but by a sting ray.

Because I was in the bay

Swimming with a fish in my pants

The fish made me want to dance.

Seeing a shark in the dark.

Made me wanna go park.

I wrote this cause there are some bad stuff at the beach. Usually this happens once a year when I go to the beach. Some people just sometimes have bad luck. A lot of these things have happened to me.

Poem 6:

Jungles have monkeys.

Monkeys can be so funky.

That's how monkeys live.

Lions like to roar.

They also like to eat dear.

That's how lions live.

Parrots live in trees.

They like to squawk from the trees.

That's how parrots live

I wrote about this cause they are some of my favorite animals in the jungle. It tells about what they do in life. Also it tells how they live. I like them cause their cool in nature.

My Favorite Poem:

The trees that grow tall.

The animals that live there.

Nature is there home.

The growing green grass.

The insect that will live there.

That is are nature.

We spend time out there.

We do some fun things out there.

That's what nature is.

I wrote this cause all my Poem was about nature. This tells all about it. It's all about things deep in nature. All the animals, weather, forest, jungles, desert, beaches,and places that are freezing. That's why nature is great.

The end
Created By
Spencer Bennington


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