The Nameless Saga Dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft and his classic works

What is the Nameless Saga?

Over 20 years ago, I began working on a story that ended up sitting on a shelf in the cobwebbed attic of my mind. After stumbling upon Lovecraft’s works, I found my inspiration and began writing. I’ve not stopped since.

Conceived as a multi-act series, the Nameless Saga opens with a reforged version of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic work, At the Mountains of Madness.

Where it all begins. H.P. Lovecraft’s original works laid beneath a microscope to expand the universe he created, weaved into a massive adventure of grand scale. At the Mountains of Madness: Episode 1 opens The Nameless Saga centered around two geologists who are offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

Episode 2 picks up a short time after the events of the first book, following the uncertain Elliot Gavin on a short holiday to a backwater town on the edge of the Thames. Hoping to leave some of the pressure of the last four months behind, Elliot takes in the sights of the quaint village. It is not long though before he begins to suspect something lies just beneath the surface...

At the Mountains of Madness: Episode IV is coming!!!

Their journey underway, Elliot and Patrick find themselves crossing the whole of the Atlantic Ocean to reach their destination. However, the strange forces that have haunted Elliot now grow stronger. As their journey lengthens, a shadow appears to follow them on the seas and the storms grow strong...something is coming.

EPISODE IV is coming.

Within the hulking mass of twisted and rusting steel, one will find that the walls between reality and madness have not only thinned, but ripped apart at the seams...

...yet even then, there is nothing so terrifying as the mind and the dangers of one’s desires, urges, and hungers.


While still a long ways off, ACT II of the Nameless Saga will venture into a completely original work that pays homage to another of Lovecraft’s classics. While At the Mountains of Madness is very distinct in its following of the original novella, ACT II will delve into a new world of adventure and terror, blending an original story with Lovecraft’s classic short story, The Nameless City.


20 years ago is where it all began; a simple notion that swelled into something massive, but needed time to gestate and time for me to find myself and more importantly, to get my mind right. Both are very much still a work in progress, but as the pieces of the story come together, so I feel does the pieces of my mind.

In ACT 3, the story will move in an unexpected direction with wild and radical changes to the world. As time passes, I will continue to push forward details about the story and where it is going. I hope you will be along for the ride.

A little bit about me.

My name is Nico. I’ve been a long time fan of science fiction, horror, monsters, the macabre, the occult; pretty much all the scary things. I’m proud and nervous all at once to bring this story to you.

If you’re interested in doing a review of an episode or you want to offer general feedback, or just want to say Hi!, click the link below and drop me a line. I pretty much live in front of my iPad unless it’s my wife, my pretty kitten, or my PS4 that has my attention. Either way, I’ll answer quickly if I can!


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