Argumentative Research Papers and how to write them


Writing a research paper is a skill you need to know in order to get through school and even college. Writing any kind of essay can sometimes be hard or disorganized, but if you follow certain steps you could could write a good and well structured essay.

What is it?

What is a research paper? A research paper is an essay that contains a statement that it arguable, and to support what you are claiming in your argument you have evidence. This evidence was researched previously in the internet or in other sources.


There are 8 main steps in writing an argumentative research paper. These are:

  1. Choosing a topic
  2. Researching
  3. Making a thesis
  4. Making an outline
  5. Gathering notes
  6. Making a first draft
  7. Revise
  8. Make a final draft

1. Choosing a Topic

  • This is the first step for writing a research paper
  • The most important thing for choosing a topic is that is something of your interest
  • Brainstorming ideas you may like to research about is a good way to narrow your ideas
  • You then, can start crossing out the options by looking at its pros and cons, and finally choosing only one topic
  • For narrowing your ideas you can start by choosing a genre or a theme

2. Researching

  • You can search in the web for useful information for writing your topic, also you can use other materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, articles, videos.
  • Be careful because you have to use cites that contain safe and true information, sources that are reliable.
  • As you gather your information make sure to write down the full source, and cite it correctly, otherwise you may be committing plagiarism.

3. Making a Thesis

This is a very important point of your research paper. It's basically your opinion in one sentence. It may have a statement and some sort of support to go with it. This then with the argument makes up the whole essay.

4. Making an Outline

When you make an outline you basically organize your ideas. You make an introduction, a three paragraph body, and a conclusion. Once you have this you have to know what to put on each. It's basically what you have to write in you essay.

5. Gathering Notes

It's important to have an organized system for gathering notes and documenting information, for then using the appropriate amount of information depending on the topic to embrace it entirely in the paper.

Its important besides gathering notes in an organized way, the writer must document the corresponding bibliography for every piece of information, so the writer doesn't commit plagiarism, by assigning wrong information to the wrong source.

The writer must organize material depending on their importance or order in the topic.

6. Making a Rough Draft

The first thing the writer must do when writing the first draft of a research paper is the introduction. The introduction, introduces the audience to the topic. The writer must make sure to include every general detail of what he/she is going to write about in the paper. Also the writer must mention the organization plan of the topic. Explain thesis or argument and define terms if necessary.

Then the writer must write the body. The body of the research paper must include the main ideas of each part of the topic. It can be examples or reasons since it is an argumentative research essay. The writer must use the sources he/she gathered to support the thesis.

Finally the conclusion closes the topic and the writer must mention the thesis or argument again to support the mentioned information. Use the outline and include it in the conclusion to explain why the topic is significant.

7. Revise

Revising a research paper is basically the same thing as revising any type of essay. According to Roanne State Community college, there are four things to revise while revising an essay, these are; organization (format and information is clear), content and style (tone and creativeness), research and sources (check your information and how you sited your sources) and proofreading (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc). In order to make sure this is done correctly, you could ask for help from your teacher, a friend or a parent.

8. Making a Final Draft

After revising you need to take into account all of the comments made by yourself or outside help. After changing your previous draft, you should save your changes and put your essay aside. Since reading it over and over again can give you a different perspective of the essay, you should put it aside and do something else (a different homework, assignment, or any other activity). After some time, once you have a fresh perspective re-read your essay and make sure you still like it. If you do, you should then ask another person, someone who hasn’t read the essay before, to get their new and fresh perspective.

About Us

We are 9th grade students, (named Gabriela Samper, Juan Felipe Suarez, Pablo Duran and Coral Crossland) from Bogota Colombia. Our goal with this website is to help students write a well-structured and organized research paper by giving them a list of steps. We hope this helped!

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