Saber tooth tiger

The saber tooth tiger became extinct sometime in 10,000 BC.

This is a skeleton of a saber tooth tiger.

While the sabre tooth used to hunt for its food, it did not mind scavenging a meal or two.

The smallest member of the saber tooth tiger family, the Smilodon gracilis, weighed about 150 pounds.

Sabre-toothed tigers roamed the mid-western US and parts of both North and South America and were named for the enormous canines which skeletons show, protruded quite far out of their mouths.It became extinct in the Quanternary period(the end of the dinosaur period) and during the ice age.

Roaming the grasslands of the earth over ten thousand years ago were fearsome predators known as Saber Tooth Tigers. With their incredibly long sharp canine teeth, muscular build, and sharp paws they were extremely dangerous animals. On this page of Extinct Prehistoric Animal Facts we list numerous interesting facts for both kids and adults about the Saber Tooth Tiger who is one of the most famous prehistoric animals that ever lived.

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