Final Stage 1 and 2 by Christopher Hetterich

Final Stage 1

For this project, my goal is to create a robot, and run it through an obstacle coarse and try to make it to the center. I will be using the Ultrasonic Sensor to help me complete this project.

My Pseudocode - motors on and move forward until ultrasonic sensor senses something close, then turn right and repeat

My Flowchart

My first robot was tall, and thin. I made my robot with the wheels are kind of close together, so the coarse is easier to get through. There were many issues with this robot. The wheels were too close together, and it would not go straight and turn correctly.

My First Robot

For my second robot, I moved the wheels to the outside for better stability and control

My Second Robot

For my third robot, all I did was added safety bars that protect the wheels from hitting the wall.

My Third Robot
My Program

What I learned was that if you design your robot correctly before you start working on the program, it helps speed up this project a lot.

Final Stage 2

Speed Racer

In this project, I am trying to see how fast I am able to make my robot move.

My Pseudocode - motors on and move forward for a certain amount of time.

My flowchart

My program changes the amount of time depending on the distance the robot will be traveling

My program

With my first robot build I have the wheels were wanting to turn too fast for the motors to handle so I need to downgrade the size of the gears.

My first Robot

This helps my wheels spin a lot better than before. I does not go that fast but the marble on the back has too much friction so I am going to replace the marble with a wheel.

My second robot

For my third set of changes I just added a wheel and it helps my robot go a lot faster than before with less friction.

My third robot

I learned that if you want to make your robot to be less likely to turn, make the wheels closer together side to side so it is less likely to turn. Also you can't abuse the speed of the gears because the motors are not powerful enough.


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