Dim the House Lights, it is Showtime A Night at the Opera

Purpose: This project is intended for the researcher to discover the significance of Opera in regard to Music History.

Introduction: You are employed by a small publishing firm that makes signs, websites, and programs. You've been in business for a short while, and business has been fairly good, but now you have the opportunity to land the biggest contract in the firms history! Your supervisor has just informed you that our company will be submitting a bid to publish concert programs for the 35th anniversary of the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. The boss has trusted you and a creative team to design a winning program for the anniversary performance for government officials (including the president), celebrities, and entertainers from around the world. Are you up for the challenge? Can you are your team submit a winning bid?

Task: First, you will form 5 person groups to research the historical epoch of each piece represented on the program and answer the accompanying questions. Second, you will compile the information into a published program containing a definition of opera, a brief biography of each composer, a summary or plot of the opera, and dates of each premier performance outlining trends of each historical epoch. The directors of the Kennedy center have included titles of the pieces being performed. They are:


Before we get started, we will meet as a firm to get a consensus of how to work together to accomplish our project. Use the following links as guidelines to discuss our first phase of the project.


Each member of your group will be responsible for a different piece of the program project. Access the link and follow the process guide about brainstorming with your team.


Build a Consensus:

When your group meets for the first brainstorming session you must decide what piece that each member of the group is responsible for researching as well as how much each member should write about each topic. You are reminded to remember the final format that your customer has requested. Use this link to guide you


Evaluate your sources:

You only get one shot to impress this customer, and the last thing that you want is bad information. Make sure that you use the websites given. There are other resources available besides the internet. You are welcomed to use these resources; but, use this guideline to assist you in source evaluation:


There's a deadline:

Remember that you are working on a time limit. Use this guideline to ensure that you are using your time effectively:

Let's Begin!

Now that you have an idea of what we are doing, you will be placed into five person teams for the firm. Each member of the team will have different responsibilities. Remember to keep track of your sources. The sources will be documented; the last thing that our company needs is a lawsuit for plagiarism. The finished project will be compiled and submitted to the Kennedy Center selection committee. Take a second to review the role and responsibility of each member of your team.

Historian- The historian will research the historical epoch of each opera from the concert. You will use your research skill to find out everything about the time frame in which the piece was written. You will then type a summary (in your own words) for each time period and submit the summary and time-line to the editor to be compiled in your group project. The following links will be helpful to you:









Biographer- Will research the life of each of the composers listed. Find interesting facts that may have influenced the composer when writing the opera. Include: birthday, education/training, personal data, death etc…

Claudio Monteverdi

Henry Purcell

Giuseppe Verdi

Georges Bizet

Giacomo Puccini

W.A. Mozart

The following links will be helpful to you:







Opera Specialist- You will research the history and significance of opera in music history. Your job is to: explain what opera is, where it came from, who developed and nurtured it, when it developed, why it became popular, how it has survived the last 400 years. Use the following links to assist you:




Reporter- You will explain the plot of each opera listed in the program. You will have to condense the entire opera into a paragraph that the editor can then use to combine with the other group members. Use Google to find synopses for each work.

Editor- The editor is the team leader and group leader. It is your job to ensure that the project gets done. Establish daily goals and proof-read each section for errors in grammar or syntax. You are to collect and record each groups members progress daily as well as design a template for the final program.



Congratulations! You have finished the project. Hopefully our firm will be awarded the contract. If you really enjoyed learning about western opera, classical music, and music history, here are some additional terms that you can use to browse for more information on opera at home and abroad.

Peking Opera

American Musical


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