Another animal euthanized every 13 seconds

Be a Hero

Adopting a dog through a shelter or rescue group is a win-win. You save a life and gain a best friend; a dog gets another chance at happiness. But rescue dogs may require more time and TLC than new-to-the-world pups to become part of your family. Here's what to know to ensure a rescue dog finds a forever home with you.

Only about 30% of pets are adopted.

The remaining 70% come predominantly from breeders and pet stores. "Even though people like the idea of adopting a pet, they're not adopting from shelters in large numbers," says Inga Fricke, Director of Shelter and Rescue Group Services with the Humane Society of the United States. Unfortunately, that means millions of shelter animals remain homeless or get euthanized each year. Consider the long-term commitment of adopting a dog to prevent your potential pet from ending up in this position. And make sure your new family member is spayed or neutered to control the population.

By adopting you won’t be supporting the cruel practice of puppy mills where mamas are overbred and spend most of their lives in cages.

Shelter pets aren't damaged

Shelter pets are often family pets who have arrived at the shelter through no fault of their own. Life circumstances leave their families unable to continue caring for them. People often drop off their happy pet at the shelter, trusting that he’ll find a home fast because everyone will see the wonderful pet they know and love.

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