analyze means to study carefully. The man analyzed the DNA on the book then he found out it was from 1947


appropriate means fitting in this moment.My friend and me were talking about something sad but her phone was ring so she answered but it was not the appropriate time to about shoes right now.


focus means to pay attention. The cat was focus on the moues so he can catch it at the right time


terror means to have great fear.When my mom was driving she saw people in terror and running away from a dinosaur.


A person who is equal to another age or job.The to twin cheetahs were 52 so there peers

Created By
Samantha Ruiz


Created with images by strecosa - "cat black animal" • qimono - "philatelist stamp collection stamp" • akk_rus - "Talks" • Lumix - "cat focus animals" • aitoff - "dinosaur mirror wing mirror" • shilmar - "africa kenya safari"

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