Good Life Tour of the Harn Carly Triana

Medium of the Art

This picture shows the untitled sculpture by John Chamberlain. I found the medium of this work to be particularly interesting. The sculpture is made out of crumpled cars. Chamberlain truly embodies the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure" with his art. He was interested in the scrap metals of America. I was surprised when I found out the sculpture was made of cars. I liked how the artist took something that normally people find useless and transformed it into something with purpose and meaning.

Design of the Museum

I really liked how the museum was separated into wings. Each individual wing was painted a different color, evoking new emotions each time. Cermaics: Avenues of Exchange was mu favorite part of the museum. My favorite wing of the museum was much different than the other ones. The wing with the ceramics was surrounded by hardwood. The hardwood reminded me of my house, which may be why I liked it so much. There were tall glass cabinets that housed the artwork surrounding all sides of the open room. The tall ceilings also made the room feel very large . The uniformity of the surroundings made the bright colors of the ceramics stand out beautifully.

Ceramics: Avenue of Exchange

Art and Core Values

Artists often create works that showcase their inner core values. I find myself liking artwork that expresses the same values that I have. This sculpture was called Family and exhibited two parents and a child. Clearly, the artist, Agustín Cárdenas, found value in the family bond and was inspired enough to create his own work. The instant emotion that I felt while looking at the work made me realize how much I miss my family. In the same section of the museum, there was also another painting that showed an older boy and his younger sister. This painting was called Dos Niños and also made me think of my family because I have one older brother.

Family and Dos Niños

Art and the Good Life

The two works below are titled Tintorera del mar and Santa Maria. Lorenzo Homar belonged to a group known as the Fities Generation, who worked to create a new artistic identity for Puerto Rico. Homar embraces change and creates a new perspective for his country, a new view around the statue. The work combines music and art to create a whole new experience. Similarly, finding the Good Life is an interdisciplinary action. The summation of art, science, history, and more create an experience unique to each individual.

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