Francis Scott Key The Great! the man who wrote america national anthem by Matt Amatayakul

wooooo who is Francis Scott Key read so you can understand.

Early life

statute of Francis Scott Key in America

Francis Scott Key was born in august 1 1779 in Keymar Maryland in USA. He was good lawyer.He was a Amateur poet too.He wrote Star Spangle Banner because it was the strengh of the USA flag after the war.He wrote Star Spangle Banner, on a envlope. The war was in Fort Mchenry America VS united kingdom. Then, the British, captured the Fort.After the war Francis wrote the poem.Then the poem was printed on newspaper but people sung it in public.It was chosen to be the national anthem of America,all star spangle banner.

Poem Writer

This is Star Spangle Banner

National anthem of America it was wrote in year 1814 he wrote because he saw America flag after the war 1812 he was actually a amatuer poet. It was on newspaper , and it was very famous. That famous poem was called Star Spangle Banner, and he wrote about his wonderful wife.

Star spangle Banner

The victory of America VS United Kingdom

Francis Scott Key wrote the poem in 1814 he wrote it because he got the experience of the war in 1812 he wrote after the war 1812, in 1916 president Woodrow Wilson, order to make the national anthem of america in 1936 president Herbet Hoover sigh a public law to make it the offical national anthem of America. Now you know all about Francis Scott Key so we can go see the lyrics.

thanks for reading the book about Francis Scott Key goodbye


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