Mongolia and Taiwan By: Clare skala and Collin Rosenow


It's capital is Ulan Bator. Not many peel live here, has an area of 603,909. They may have invented ice cream. Many people are descendants of Genghis khan.

Nomads follow a seasonal routine of raising and breeding the five main types of stock goat, sheep, yaks, camels, and horses. The cattle migrates from their favorite pastures to campsites.

They eat meat, and drink milk. They combine vegetables with flour.

They worshipped Hoh Tenger (blue skies) it's their father and the earth is there mother. Their ancestors turned into spiritual animals who they had prayed too.

National sports included wrestling. Many festivals such as white moon (their new year) and Naadam with 3 sports and having fun, that also enjoy horse racing. Enjoy traditional food drink

The education was conrolled by the Buddhist monasteries. They are smarter the average, it was always available. Secular education began after the collapse of Chinese authority in 1911. Education was consumed by 20 percent of the state budget.

Mining, agriculture and the processing of agricultural products are the 3 main sectors of the Mongolian economy. China is one of their biggest training partners.


China noticed Taiwan in the 3rd century. The rate of of growth has steadily changed. The populTion is divided into three parts.

Almost the whole population are exclusive are Chinese. The population is well educated, and they speak Chinese. 90% and higher practice Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

The most popular language is Taiwan. Diverse cultures should live in harmony

Economic development is talked in school, their schooling is replaced by modern and western schooling. The educTion system generated high.

Bounded to the north by the East China Sea. It's mainland is Japan. Administered by the imperial Chinese government. Last territory controlled by the nationalist government.

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