Carving By Spencer

This is the image that I got inspired by because I like mythical creatures and I thought that this would be a good one to do a carving of because it's just a outline so it would make my life easier because that means that all I need to do is fill it in with black. The ideas I wanted to show is that a mythical creature would look cool as a carving. Well I didn't look for any inspiration because I kinda of knew what I wanted so I just had to look for the picture.

This is the photo of my griffin in Photoshop and I had to go over every line because its lines were too skinny and fine. I also, had to fill it in to give it positive and negative space so it would look better. What I did to enhance the positive and negative space is filled in the legs and some of the wing so it will pop. I had to go back a second time after going into easel because it said that the wings and beak wouldn't carve. I didn't change much at all from the original other than add positive and negative space to it. It developed as I worked because I had to go back and make the lines thicker.

I had to go back several times and go over the lines because they where not thick enough, I also had to change a lot of things in the easel app itself. Like make it a 6 by 6 board and make how far it would cut into it to 0.25 inches and change the bit size to one sixteenth.

The machine had a drill bit and used it to cut into the board. The machine goes over the same parts several times so it more deep. I prepared my carvey by putting some clamps on the side so it would stay still. In order to get the item to carve you have to put it in the inventables website and make shure there is no red lines. You have to use a vacuum to gat all the sawdust of the board and the machine.

This is a photo of the beginning of my board to be carved, and this is the carvey. The carving processes begins by doing one outline and then filling it in by using the drill bit. Then, going over it many many times. I had to make the lines bigger because the beak of my carvey wouldn't carve and same with the wings. What surprised me was how fast the machine works and how cool it looked when it was done that was also exciting. I learned how the carvey works and all the steps it takes to get there. I also learned how to use photoshop since I've never done that.

This is my final product from the carvey. Yes, my carving turned out great through my eyes because it looks exactly like it did in Photoshop but better because of the designs in it and the color. I tried to balance out the amount of positive and negative space there was because than it would look better and that was what we where supposed to do. I'm most proud of how my carving turned out because I was not expecting it to look this good. Next time I think I could add a little more negative space and make the lines straighter. This most interesting part of the process was seeing it carve it was just astounding. For me I think nothing was really that difficult other than maybe trying to decide what to do and using the app photoshop for the first time. My final thoughts on the project is that this was a very fun project and I wish that I could do another carving or 3D printing.

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