Miami Florida By Panda Denae 🐼


1. How much does it cost to travel to Miami ? 2. How much is it to stay at a Hotel ? 3. What type of food will Miami have and how much will it cost ? 4. is there a cost to travel around the beach ? what are there tours like ? and how much do you have to pay ? 3. How much is it to Rent a car ? 4. How is the weather there ? 5. What do I need to know about Miami ?
How much does it cost it cost to travel to Miami FL? * I'm leaving at May 14 and coming back at May 21 & the flight cost is $344
How Much is it to stay at a hotel? I'm attending to the hotel on May 14 - May 21 The cost to say for that many days will be 1064 .
What type of food does Miami Florida Have ?
What Can I do at Miami Florida ? See dolphins - A day will be $65 to swim with dolphins (: And for a tour in Miami Florida is a sight seeing and a cruise tour for - $67.99
How much is it to rent a car ? for a week it will be $367.
Hows the weather in Miami Florida ?
How do i act at Miami Florida ??

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