Identity:Good on defence ,and rebounding. Needs to work on shooting, and ball security. Known for rookie:SF - Giannis Antetokounmpo

Name:the team held a contest after Milwaukee was awarded the team to pick a suitable name. I believe buck was suggested by a number of people. Wisconsin is a big deer hunting state.But why a buck? They are powerful and agile, which in basketball are two useful skills.

Colors: The logo are those colors because of the location of the team

Brand makeover: Just for an update

Licensing: T-Shirt $39.99

Toronto Raptors

Identity: The raptors aren't the best team but they do work hard.

Name:, a nationwide contest was held to help name the team and develop their colors and logo.

Colors: ^^^

Brand Makeover:Fueled by the success of the Jurassic Park film and the popularity of dinosaurs with younger audiences, who would grow up to be fans of the franchise, the team's first logo originally featured an aggressive looking, red velociraptor dribbling a basketball The team's original colors were purple, bright red, black, and "Naismith silver" (in honor of the Canadian inventor of basketball, James Naismith).

Licensing: t-shirt $34.99

New England Patriots

Identity: Very good team. known for Tom Brady.

Name:The following winter, locals submitted thousands of ideas for the Boston football team's official name. On February 20, 1960, Sullivan chose "Boston Patriots", which was suggested by 74 fans, among them Larry Kepnes. Immediately thereafter, artist Phil Bissell developed the "Pat Patriot" logo.

Colors: ^

Brand Makeover: New team owner

Licensing: T-Shirt $34.99

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