Wheres the Beef? What did we Moo to you

Thousands of farmers worldwide respond to the extremely high demand for beef each year. The demands are so great that farmers are packing as many cows as they can into as little land as they can while also trying to fatten them up as quickly as possible. Farmers respond to the demand and want to make as much money as possible in the process and this is how feedlots are formed. They cram hundreds to thousands of cows into small closed off pieces of land and feed them grain instead of grass to fatten them up. When farmers make feedlots they affect not only the cows but us as well because we eat them. The feedlots create disease because of the harsh unsanitary land where the cows stay their entire lives; Therefore they are pumped full of antibiotics to fight against the diseases created by the unnatural environment they are put in. When people say, "you are what you eat", they may be joking but the harsh reality is that the beef from feedlots directly affect your health as well as our environment negatively. Do not eat beef unless it is Organic grass fed as well as no hormones or antibiotics added.

Tyson feedlot in Burbank Washington

Can feedlots really be bad for our community?

Feedlots create an insane amount of manure which is supposed to be taken out and used as fertilizer, but before it gets "taken out" it releases ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane into the air and is inhaled by us and causes over fertilization of nitrogen to neighboring farms and crops this is also referred to as "runoff". Creating health problems for humans and can cause crops to die.

Prosser Feedlot
"Feedlots play a huge but controversial role in the raising of beef cattle in the U.S., which produced an estimated 24.3 billion pounds of beef last year, down slightly from an average of 26 billion for the previous five years." -The Wall Street Journal

So... The carbon footprint is hurting our earth but is there anything else wrong with the way we mass produce beef in feedlots?

Yes, More and more people are becoming immune to antibiotics due to eating feedlot beef because cows from feedlots are fed mixed grain and antibiotics everyday. They feed cows grain for its flavor and tenderness, it makes the cow's flesh marbled and fatty. The antibiotics in their feed fights off diseases such as E. Coli, which is typically contaminated at the slaughterhouse when they butcher the cows and manure gets mixed into the meat.

Directly off of Exit 63 In Granger Washington Feedlot #1


These cows are not hanging out in mud, the majority of what they stand and lay on all day is a mixture of their own feces and urine.

Fun fact: Mad cow disease was found when farmers were feeding their cows, cow leftovers such as brain.

Granger Feedlot #2, 5 miles off exit 63

Feedlots are all around us, these are unnatural unsanitary environments for these harmless grass grazing animals and when you're ordering off the dollar menu next time just remember this is how your food is being treated. Take a minute to look through the pictures again, can you see any difference in each of these feedlots? Not really right? The only difference is the location, there are hundreds of thousands of feedlots across the world and they all look similar to these local feedlots.

Okay so what can everyone do?

Do yourself and the environment a favor, eat grass fed beef and stay away from animal cruelty. It takes almost twice as long to get a grass fed cow Look at the difference from the unhappy feedlot cows compared to the happy pastured grass fed cows. It is a fact that grass fed beef is higher in protein, Omega 3's and lower in fat and cholesterol versus the cheaper feedlot beef high in saturated fats.

Prosser grass fed cows

You may be asking yourself, "how can this information be useful in an academic situation?"

Heres your simplified answer: This information can help teachers and students be aware of their environment and to care about the quality of the food they are eating. If you teach our future farmers and future consumers that

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