Sunglasses – check

Sunscreen lotion – check

Scarf – check

Hydrating facial mist – check

Bottle of water – check

Please sit back and let me take you on a ride through Kuwait …

Kuwait can be best described as a ‘city state’. From what used to be a fishing village, this region went on to be an important center of all boat building and trading activities in the Gulf region in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Of course, the discovery of oil in 1938 changed the socio-economic climate yet again of this nation.

Today, Kuwait boasts of a modern skyline with strong traditional roots that are evident in the souks selling incense, oud, beautiful tea cups, rugs and baskets.

Landmarks in Kuwait

1. Kuwait Tower is an iconic group of three slender towers with spheres situated next to the Persian Gulf is the symbol of modern Kuwait. The spheres house an observation deck and a wonderful restaurant where you can have a bird’s eye view of Kuwait City while eating.
2. The Liberation Tower is the second tallest structure in Kuwait. This was originally meant to be called The Kuwait Telecommunications Tower which was named as the Liberation Tower, symbolizing the country’s liberation from Iraq.
3. The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre which was inaugurated on 31st October 2016 is a stunning complex housing theatres, concert halls, conference centres, musical fountains and restaurants.
4. Souk Al-Mubarakiya – this is what probably comes to mind to most of us when the words “Arabia” and “Mid East” are mentioned. The traditional souk has rows of shops selling produce, incense, souvenirs, clothes, toys and more. There are basic restaurants and coffee shops that are waiting to be explored.
5. Kuwait Water Tower System: Yes! Water tanks. These mushroom shaped blue and white striped water towers can be seen all over Kuwait.
6. The Grand Mosque is spread over an area of 45,000 square metres. With its beautiful architecture, prayer halls, libraries of references books, and guided tours, it is a must – do in Kuwait.

Things to Do in Kuwait

With its malls, restaurants, parks, beaches and places of interest, Kuwait is a vibrant place to live.

If you are a shopaholic of any degree – you are spoilt for choice in Kuwait. The popular places to shop (and spend the day) are the Avenues Mall, 360 Mall, Gate Mall, Promenade Mall, Souq Sharq, Symphony Mall and Al Kout mall. In addition to these, we have the Friday markets, the City Centre at Salmiya, the interesting souks, shopping areas of Salmiya, Fahaheel and Egaila. Weekly grocery shopping is usually done at Lulu, Sultan Centre, Carre Four or Geant. Grocery shopping can be quite an adventure too – with aisles stuffed with produce and grocery items from all over the world. You can munch on guavas from Thailand, sip water of tender coconuts from Sri Lanka, add pizzazz to your dishes with spices from India, while choosing your dinner steak that comes from New Zealand or a fillet of Norwegian salmon

And if you are a gourmet, Welcome to Kuwait! Try any cuisine you like – Arabic, Lebanese, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Iranian, Thai, American, Carribean – the list goes on! My personal favourites, however, are the small juice bars that whip up freshly squeezed fruit juices, small bakeries that sell delicious Arabic coffee sweets to go with your little cup of Turkish coffee and ‘Fatayer’ – which are essentially flat bread can be stuffed with spinach, local cheese, pine nuts, meat etc.

If it’s the outdoors you want – then Kuwait has beautiful beaches, boulevards and parks. The hotspots for picnics are the Egaila and Messilah beaches where you can set up a barbecue, play beach volleyball or roll out a rug and read a book. You can rent boats or take cruises into the sea or spend a day with your children at the Al Shaheed park. Take a day trip to one of the farms in Waffra or Abdaly where you can pick strawberries (yes!), buy farm fresh produce and spend a day out in the sun. A crowd favourite is the Yasmine Farm that runs guided tours, has a play area, a picnic area, place where children can feed baby goats and rabbits, a shop on site – all the while being a fully functional farm.

For the culturally oriented, Kuwait theatres, museums, privately run hobby classes. One can spend a day at the Tareq Rajab Museum or the Amricani Centre, watch master weavers and craftsmen at their traditional art in at the Sadu House, visit the fascinating House of Mirrors or Scientific Centre.

Sadu House

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