Harn Museum of Art by kailee ringrose

Frank Stella, Zandvoort, Mixed media on etched magnesium

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist

The sculpture, Zandvoort, had lots of dimension and bright colors that did not come across as well in the picture. The way all the pieces fit together and wrapped around each other even though it looks random and busy seemed harmonious to me. The bright colors originally grabbed my attention, but the shape of the sculpture inspired me to take the picture.

Yoruba people, Ancestor Spirit Masquerade Costume (Egungun)

Design of the Museum

Most of the other exhibits were open and brightly lit. The painting exhibits had lots of open space between the paintings, but the Elusive Spirits exhibit had walls in the middle of the floor that broke up the open space. There were sculptures and other pieces hidden away in corners and behind walls. The lights were slightly dimmer in this exhibit. This enhanced the artwork by forcing me to almost have to search for the art. The art felt almost elusive and secretive, similar to the name of the exhibit "Elusive Spirits"

Sebastiao Salgado, First Communion in Jauzeuro do Norte, Brazil, Platinum Print

Art and Core Values- picture of artwork that appeals to core values

One of my biggest core values is balancing work and life. This picture spoke to me about the life aspect of that value. Some of the girls are refugees and have gone through tough times, but they found comfort in friendship and religion. This picture reminded me why I believe that having a life and things you enjoys doing outside of work and school is so incredibly important. Those little girls have been through very stressful times, but they still find the time and the will to do their first communion. Which is something that is important to their religion and beliefs.

Emilio Sanchez, Casita al mar (Little House by the Sea); Yvonne Jacquette, Motion Picture (Times Square)

Art and the Good Life- Picture of artwork that conveys Good Life theme.

I saw this painting, Casit al mar, and immediately felt calm and peaceful. I could imagine myself living a very happy life in this house. It is simple and cozy and near the sea. This painting made me want to work hard and get a good job, so that I could retire to a Little House by the Sea. The other picture was the exact opposite. I was feeling stressed just looking at it. It was very strange to me that someone else might see that painting and feel similarly tohow felt about The Little House by the Sea. The contrast between the two paintings reminded me that my values and what I find important does not necessarily reflect others' core values and beliefs. Those two paintings gave me a greater understanding of why the search for the good life should be a mostly solitary journey. Someone else may find the good life in the middle of New York City, but that does not mean that I should search for the good life there too.

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