Floral Evaluations Round and Triangular Arrangements

Anthurium Triangular Arrangement


The pro's of this arrangement is that the Anthuims's bright pink color pops out of the green foliage. The foliage has a pattern following the placement of the flowers. Balance and harmony go together perfectly as well, my eyes and peers go from the left to right on the arrangement demonstrating the harmony well.


First of all the picture is blurry. I would like to see less open space between the top flower and bottom flowers as well as a fuller foliage. Also if the smaller flowers followed a pattern as well and if they wern't in random places.

Possible Improvements

One improvement that can be made is that space is less between flowers using more foliage. As well as patterns being used more to the balance, which would put up likability.

Pink Pastel Rose Round Arrangement


I love the colors, they match perfectly. The Vase is sparkly. The pastel pink is pleasing to the eye and harmony as well. It looks full with very little open space. Pink follows the vase. Unity does fall together into place. And likability is high I would use this for my room on my desk.


Vegetation is out of pattern. Rhythm could be improved eye moves everywhere with vegetation everywhere. With that many flowers a lot of water is required to keep them all healthy as well as food. Little repetition with this design.

Possible Improvements

If greenery followed a pattern, would've improved it. as well as at leased one more different color rose maybe white to give the design a diversity. as well as a different foliage for the arrangement.

Golden Sunflower Round arrangement


The color's are bright. The design looks like high quality with the vase and every healthy flowers. Proportion is well with sunflowers places well to form the round shape of the arrangement.


Vegitation is very small. Blanace is low with different sized sunflowers everywhere. There is no repetition in this arrangement its its not symmetrical.

Possible Improvements

They should use more vegetation to make the free space smaller. Make flowers symmetrical in the arrangement to improve the rhythm.

Baby's Breath and Leather Leaf Fern Triangular Arrangement


The colors match with dark vase. Floiage and other flowers hide mechanics well. A unique repetition is in this design.


It doesn't follow a pattern so rhythm isn't present.

Possible Improvement's

Higher quality flowers instead of plastic one will help this design.

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