Harn Museum of Art By: Bryan FiatA

Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor photographed by Bryan Fiata

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This piece by Yvonne Jacquette was really intriguing for many reasons. Looking at it as a picture, it could come off as flat and dull, however its quite the opposite. In person this piece is very vibrant, and even more so due to the contrasting colors. This is what originally drew me in. The only real color comes from the parlor building that is drenched in pink, blue, and red. What makes it pop out even more is how the road, cars, and surrounding buildings are a murky gray. This allows for the casino to shine even brighter, even leaving a reflection in the street. What was even more interesting was the texture of the painting. Its almost as if there were little ripples in the painting giving it, in my eyes, a fluffy look.

Drawings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi photographed by Bryan Fiata

Design of the Museum: I really enjoyed the layout of the barn museum. From the lighting, to the open space, and even the subtle paint color, it made the experience a whole lot better. It all seemed to put more emphasize on the paintings. The museum put all the relating pictures near one another so its not a huge jump in visual characteristics. In the photo above for example there are four drawings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi of old Italian structures each similar to one another. Also the simple frame around the drawings allows for the complexity of the drawing to be enhanced. In my eyes the light salmon wall color allows for the black to pop making it a lot more visually appealing.

Scenographer's Mind VIII by Bryan Fiata

Art and Core Values: Art is a very personal thing that connects with the right person. This piece related to my core values because it reminded me of what is to come. Family is a huge thing to me and this resembles that to me and more. In the future I wish to be married with children living in a house I own and i don't often think about the future. This is one of those moments were it traps me in a gaze and thought about what life could be holding in store for me. The baby and the mother taking care of it with the house structure next to them both forms this image.

A thanksgiving prayer to the Mixe god Kioga ingratitude for the good harvest, Oaxaca, Mexico photographed by Bryan Fiata

Art and the Good Life: From what I have learned from the good life is that chasing materialistic possessions is how to get further away from it. This picture demonstrates the ideal goodlife to me. Being black and white, the picture demonstrates simplicity which is a major factor in achieving the goodlife. Complexity in my mind strays you away from the best experience. Also the freedom it exhibits. Standing up high, overlooking the scenery, arms spread open with a nice breeze is the ideal sense of freedom to me. Not having any concerns or worries. Last but certainly not least is the friendship, someone to share your experiences with. These two men get to experience this sensation along side one another forming memories they will never forget. All these characteristics to me are the ideal goodlife.

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