The Boycotts By, NOah kjome


The Bus Boycotts were when the African Americans refused to ride the bus because they couldn't sit in the front, the result of the this made the bus company lose a lot of profit so in the end they got to sit in the front. It first started with Rosa Parks and how she refused to give up her seat on the bus and went to jail for refusing to give up her seat. After that incident African Americans decided to boycott it to get them equal rights.

Some women decided to boycott the women's hockey league because of the wage gap between the mens league and they did a big tournament too so it would be affective and right they were because it caused a big incident for a lot of people.

Some obstacles that got in the way were that they want to boycott a big tournament that would profit a lot of people and if they win the US would get a big boast or recognition.

The main reason why they did this was to try and get the wage gap closed from women's to men's professional leagues but hockey was the one to take the first step,

All in all the two are very similar because the bus boycotts were to get African Americans to sit anywhere on the bus instead of just the back. The national women's hockey team did something very similar to the Montgomery bus boycott.


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