Good Life Performance The Divine written by Brandon Heremen

A picture of me in front of the theatre before I entered... The Devine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt. Digital image. School of Performing Arts. Virginia Tech, 2014. Web. 4 Feb. 2017. (Citation for title page background photo)

The Spatial Experience- The theatre reminded me very much of the theatre at my high school. The drama program at my high school was very good, so I was already familiar with this kind of atmosphere. I really liked how at the Constans Theatre the audience toward the front rows was on the same level as the performers. It made me feel closer to the story and really improved the experience as a whole. I was even able to shake Sarah Bernhardt's hand as she walked by during the opening scene.

A picture of me before they scanned my ID.

Social Experience- I went to the play by myself because most of my friends had already taken the class or seen an earlier showing. I was fortunate enough to meet a few guys before I walked in and sit with them during the play. I'm glad I met them because we were able to talk about the show and contemplate the messages and themes it developed.

This is a painting located in the lobby of Constans Theatre

The Cultural and Intelectual Experience- Before seeing the play, I already knew it was going to be addressing the struggle between the rich and poor. Talbot is man from a poor family with members of the family working long hours for little pay in a shoe factory. Sarah is a renowned and wealthy actress who almost everyone seems to adore. Some members of the church, however, were not so pleased with her visit. This play changed my perspective on the arts and its importance. Arts have the ability to impact lives in ways I never considered and bring together different cultures.

A picture I took of the lobby after the play

The Emotional Experience- As mentioned previously, the play depicts the class struggle between the rich and the poor. Humans have had this issue throughout all of history, and I like how the play incorporates the arts into this topic. When I was thinking about the play after I left, I began to realize the obstacles and challenges in my life today could seem like blessings to others, especially to those who lived in different eras when not as much was handed to you on a silver platter. I have so much to be thankful for and this play has reminded me not to take anything for granted.

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