vitamins and Minerals (With Nuutrients)

Water soluable vitamins are vitamins that dissolve in water
Vitamin B helps you make more cells, and is found in asparagus and Papayas, and a defficiency causes spina bifida
Vitamin C Protects against infection and is found in tomatoes and broccoli, and a deficiency causes scruvy
fat soluable vitamins are vitamins that dissolve and are carried in fat
Vitamin K (Kylee) helps blood clot normally and comes from squash and swiss chard, and a deficiency causes bleeding and bruising
Vitamin A promotes good vision, hair and skin, it comes from fish and papayas, and a deficiency causes night blindness
Vitamin D builds and maintains bones and teeth, and it comes from pork tenderloins and oysters, a deficiency in this causes rickets
Vitamin E protects membranes of white and red blood cells, it is found in almonds and hazelnuts, and a deficiency in this vitamin causes poor nerve connection and neurological problems
Minerals are cute
eating calcium strengthens bones and teeth, and it comes from milk and brazil nuts, and deficiencies cause ostheoporosis
Iron helps make red blood cells and helps muscles use oxygen, it comes from KFC and hopping clams! a deficiency causes Anemia
Sodium maintains fluid balance in the body, it comes from salt and bacon, deficiencies cause muscle cramps, irregular heart beats, and seizures


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