The Architecture of Worship By: Savannah swenson

The Temple of the Tooth is located in Kandy, Sir Lanka. It is a Buddhist temple housing for people high in politics.
The Angk Wat is the largest religious monument in the world, it is located in Cambodia. It is a Hindu temple of god Vishnu.
The Wiling Wall is located in Jerusalem. It was originally suppose to help be an expansion to make the Second Jewish Temple.
The Taj Mahal is in Agra, India and is represented for the Islamic culture. King Shah Jahan built this giant mounument across from his palace for his wife, who had died, can be buried in there.
The Washington National Cathedral is located in Washington DC. It is a Christian church in which over a 1,000 people attend every Sunday for service. It took 83 years to be built, and finished small details in 2011.

All of these buildings and monuments are greater than life. They all take up a lot of room with and have had very intricate detailing done to them. The Wiling Wall is very different from the rest of the buildings because it is not as fancy as the rest of them. However, it has much meaning behind it just like the others. The shapes of the buildings really show the ideas of different religions and passions.


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