Instagram Tips For Your Theme Editing And Editing Apps

Instagram Themes

What Is a Theme?

A theme is something simple like the color scheme of all of your photos. The most popular theme is a blue theme. Blue themes look really bueatiful and clean, but it's up to you. Personally I used to have a blue theme but I deleted all my pictures because I wanted to have a fresh start. Right now I don't really have a specific theme, but I'm trying to get my Instagram back into a theme.

Now Why Is a Theme Important?

A Theme helps bring in an audience. If you only post pictures of cars then people who like cars will follow you. So if you post nice pictures that are similar to something that a person enjoys, then they will likely follow you.

Should I Have a Theme?

Of course! But if you think themes are hard work or you just don't like them then no. Themes are totally not required, but they're just fun to look at and people will admire the effort and time you put into your theme.


What Should I Edit?

When you're editing your pictures make sure to have good quality photos, because no one enjoys low quality pictures. One thing I've noticed is that full body pictures usually get more likes than selfies or other types of pictures like landscape shots.

What Apps Should I Use To Edit My Pictures?

My favorite apps I use are VSCO and Facetune. One other notable app that you may like is Snapseed. VSCO is my all time favorite because it has so many lighting tools and amazing filters. I like to use Facetune to remove unwanted objects and whiten objects in my photo, like a white wall.

My Final Thoughts

If you take good quality photos and you feel you're ready to step up your Instagram game, then you should definitely try to incorporate a theme into your account.

I hope these Instagram theme tips help!

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