Charalá my city

Charalá is an historical town in Colombia. Its people were very important for the independence. Charalá is a small town of Santander. This town is sunny and warm like Medellín but Pamplona is coller than Charalá. The tourism is active in the town but not more developed than Medellín tourism.
The most famous turistic places in Charalá are the main park where you can find "El Samán de Arabia" tree. Also, in the main square of the town is the "Casona de José Acevedo y Goméz" where one of the principal personalities of the independence of our country was born.
The tipycal food in Charalá is "Pepitoria", "tamales", and "mantecadas". These plates are delicious and also they are cheaper than Medellín food. "La Bandeja Paisa" is the most representative dish of Colombia because has more ingredients than other one.
The people in Charalá are very religious. Probably they are one of the most devoted persons of the catholicism. Between its own holidays, "El Domingo de ramos" is the most popular festivity in the town.

Made by Pedro Sanabria and Edyth Vargas in the " Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga"

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